Cook Like A Pro With CookingPal’s Multo!

During CES we get the chance to check out the CookingPal’s Multo and the Pronto coming out later this year.

Ahead of the release of the Pronto they sent us the Multo so we could get a good idea about how their larger and greater system works.

What a lot of people might not know about the purchase of the CookingPal’s Multo is that when you buy one, you are given the option of a cooking lesson on how to use the device with a professional chef.

We jumped at the chance to be able to virtually hang out with Chef Jamie and have him help us through creating the delicious dish of Cheesy Meatballs and Rustic Tomato Sauce on the Multo.

While the Multo can do individual steps on its own, like kneading bread, chopping your food, sautéing your food, or weighing your food. The Multo really shines through when it is used to help process a full meal recipe with the use of the smart hub. The system allows you to have precise measurements, adjustable timing, and even organize your notes to get the most out of your kitchen and time.

This was showcased with the Cheesy Meatball recipe. While you start off chopping and mixing the meatballs, as you start to sauté and cook the sauce, the heat and steam from the cook raises through the machine and steaming tray, cooking the meatballs and saving the chef some time!

One of the most amazing things about the Multo is that while you can follow a recipe provided by the company and their smart hub. Walking you through the entire procedure, but you can make your adjustments and notes through the cook, while also saving them for you to easily find them the next time you go to cook.

The box is packed with all the items that you’ll need, and done so in a very unique and distinct way to make sure they’re gonna arrive safe and sound. The Multo comes not only with the main unit but also it’s Smart Hub tablet, cooking basket, steamer tray, and it’s uniquely designed spatula.

At the end of the day the price for the Multo is pretty high, but with what it’s able to do, it’s so much more then a blender or simple cooking instrument. There are also a lot of great recipes and interesting concepts you can put into play with the Multo. Usually, the things you can do with the Multo is create dishes and sauces that usually only people with years of culinary training or inherent skill are able to produce. It levels the playing field, and allows any home chef to bring great flavors in an easy way regardless of the cook!

If you want to pick up your own Multo, you can do so Here!

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