Springtime Comes To Underwood Family Farms Along With Rochelle!

Spring is here at Underwood Family Farms in Moorpark, and there’s so much in bloom!

The rain has encouraged much growth to our gardens but it has also caused slight changes of plans and logistical adjustments. Fortunately the farm was still open during the wet weekend, and I found there is still much to enjoy!

Easter vibes are everywhere with large colorful eggs decorating the premises. Their iconic giant basket is also filled with eggs, and the Easter bunny greets the kiddos for photos. While you can of course engage in their year-round offerings like the petting zoo, slides, bee train, carriage ride, tractor, and carnival games, they have seasonal activities like decorating your own Easter basket and painting a bird house. Our advice is to do many but if you only have time or tickets for one, opt for the basket to use for the egg hunting activity. While the eggs are pretty easy to find, my daughter still enjoys it. You can fill your basket with as many as you can find and then return them to the Easter bunny’s house. From there you pick 6 eggs with prizes to take home with you.

My favorite part of spring is all the flowers, and I was so pleased to see my favorite flower, the tulip, in full bloom. And in so many colors! Pink, red, white, yellow. It makes me think I’m in Holland.

Another favorite thing to do at Underwood is pick strawberries! Yes, strawberries are in season, and though the fields may not be open for you to pick your own when it rains you can grab a basket or more on your way out.

Come check our spring at Underwood Here and purchase your tickets in advance! It’s not to be missed this year!

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