CES 2023 – Take Your Gaming To The Next Level With Govee’s AI Gaming Sync Box

During CES we checked out the brand new tech from GOVEE. Although GOVEE has made smart lighting that can change your room from basic to stylish for some time, their new device takes that to the next level.

While they’ve released a smart sensor for TV lighting before, that only watches your television and sees the color patterns and then projects light behind the screen to match it. Their new AI Gaming Sync Box does so much more.

Currently trained with artificial intelligence to recognize certain actions in the game League of Legends, the lightning system will specifically activate unique designs depending on what you do in the game. Precisely it recognizes things like kills, triple kills, and activating abilities. The lighting can really enrich your experience in the game.

While currently their AI is set for League of Legends, they are planning on releasing additional updates to the AI to work with other games, in the months to come they will provide free updates for more games as they build them.

While Govee’s AI Gaming Sync Box is not available on the market now, you can check out GOVEE’s other products and purchase their AI Gaming Sync Box when it releases Here.

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