CES 2023 – Kizik’s Roamer Gives New Life To Tired Feet

Before CES we connected with our friends over at Kiziks. You might remember Mistie checked out their shoes last year before CES and fell in love with her shoes. See her review Here.

This year ahead of CES I thought I’d take advantage of our friendship and check out their brand new Roamers lineup.

These shoes are incredibly comfortable with a completely 3-D printed Flex Foam outsole and a 4-way stretch fabric keeps these shoes comfortable and allows for your feet to really breathe.

On top of it’s incredibly comfortable and a roomy design, the removable insole allows you to wash and refresh your shoe. That’s very helpful after a week of walking around the convention.

On top of all these cool features, the Kizik’s Roamer shoes still have the HandsFree Labs Technology for the heel, allowing me to put these shoes on with ease, and no hands.

Pick up your own Kizik’s Roamer shoes Here.

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