CES 2023 – MiraDock Replaces Your Work Computer With Your Phone

You might remember MiraXess, a company that produced the MiraBook, a laptop that was only a monitor, mouse, and keyboard. No tech otherwise within. It allowed users to plug their cell phone into the device to gain access to computer like abilities.

Now they’ve decided to produce a new device called the MiraDock. The MiraDock is a device used to turn your cell phone into a desktop computer.

The MiraDock is small and looks just like a regular phone QI charger that sits on your desk with multiple ports out to keyboards, mice, and a monitor.

Their main selling point is that they wanted to help eliminate e-waste and unnecessary duplicative devices in the workplace.

With the MiraDock, employers can purchase phones for their employees and then employees can use their phones as workspaces in the office. Of course this will depend on the field.

In the long run this device can really cut down on duplicative technology and machines in the workplace and allow employers to save a little bit of money as well.

To find out more about MiraXess and the MiraDock you can head Here!

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