EyeQue Brings Vision Care To Telemedicine

One of the most amazing things we’ve learned, is what is more available than previously thought, telemedicine. The idea that we have to wait in an office for an hour to finally get to see a doctor for a two-minute session is a thing of the past.

So why should optometry be any different! Well, that’s the funny thing, IT CAN BE DIFFERENT! That’s where EyeQue‘s VisionCheck 2 comes into play.

VisionCheck 2 is an AI-based personalized smartphone powered system that provides real-time results for your vision needs. Not only does the experience have a try-on experience for glasses, but is safe and non-invasive.

It’s currently available on Kickstarter, Here. They are running the campaign until February 5. They are already over 300% of the $30,000 goal.

VisionCheck 2 works in tandem with an app to allow users to take their vision test at home, and once completed use the results to skip a middle man, and order glasses online.

Head Here to back this project for $69 to be able to take advantage of this awesome opportunity!

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