Monitor All Over Your Home With Oval

A lot of problems a lot of people have with home security and sensors have to do with privacy. No matter how protected you are, you are one hack away from someone using your cameras against you!
OVAL Digital who launched their products last year at CES, this year has a solution that might make you feel more comfortable protecting your home.

OVAL Digital came back with their new 5-in-1 smart sensors. Five in one?! Oh yeah!

  • Motion
  • Light
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Water
  • You can find out if your water heater is leaking if someone is in your house, or if someone touched your precious thermostat!

    The system is designed for notifications, no worry about without risking your home security because of the use of cameras or microphones. Monitor your house, and it’s potential risks without monitoring your family and self!

    Thinking about picking one of these up? You can do so here Here, with the sensors on their own costing $79.99, and a kit of a hub and two sensors for $199.99.

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