See Eric’s Favorite Tech From Showstoppers @ CES 2024

Are you an artist, work in digital graphic design? Then you probably already know about Wacom. We’ve covered them quite a bit including news reviews and unboxing. You can see our Wacom coverage Here.

While at CES at Showstoppers we connected with the company again to see their new products including the Cintiq Pro with perfect color production on the screen, removing the need for a secondary monitor.

They also updated the Wacom One with a single cord design, perfect for newer computers with less ports. They even now include training software for new purchases of Wacom One and One By Wacom so new users can pick up how to use the device faster!

The last amazing update they showed us was their new Bridge software which allows users to connect to work computers from home and have full access and capabilities! Great for the work from home creatives and their employers.

It’s reasons like these that they stood out above other exhibitors at Showstoppers!

Purchase your Wacom products Here.

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