We Got To Check Out The Expensive “Gita” Smart Cooler

When I was a child, I always dreamed of having that R2D2 droid like in the toy commercials that would deliver you a drink. They never show you the part where you have to put the drink on the droids tray, then walk back and wait for it to be delivered.

However, the more we push forward into the future, the more the technology increases.

We have now had the fortune of seeing the “Gita” first hand at two separate events, and we have to say, it’s adorable.

The Gita is a cooler, carrying container that can hold up to 40 lbs of items! It could be as simple as sodas and brews, to household objects as you do your chores around the home.

While at the Los Angeles Coffee Festival we got our first look at the “Gita”, and we even played around with it, letting it follow us, and track our existence.

At CES, we got to see how it fared in a larger space, with a lot more people running around, and it held up to it’s paces!

Gita actually means “short trip” in Italian. So the idea that Piaggio might be trying to promote is the idea that while this robot wont solve all your problems, with it’s extra carrying, and following features, it can make your trips a lot shorter and easier.

How does the Gita work?

With a push of it’s start up button, the Gita will sync with it’s owner, and begin to take in it’s environment. From that point the bot will be able to follow you around at a max speed of six miles per hour.

While it’s name might mean short trip, with a 4 hour long battery (with continuous use) this bad boy is prepared for the long ventures. If it does run out of power, the battery can quickly recharge in under two hours. Don’t need that 4 hours, but your phone is dying? Well the Gita also has a built in phone charger port so you don’t have to worry about being stranded alone with just your robot friend in the middle of nowhere.

Additionally they have the mygita app to specialize your options with Gita, but it is not necessary for basic use. If you want to get more out of your Gita though, you can use the app to lock the bin, and only allow friends to unlock it, get notifications on the battery life, or even use Gita‘s speakers to play some music!

The Gita comes in three colors at this time:

  • Signal Red
  • Thunder Gray
  • Twilight Blue
  • Gita may be a cooler, but be warned, it’s not designed for beaches. It will work indoor and outdoor, but sidewalks and paths are it’s best forum. It will have serious issues with sand, snow, and mud. Here is hoping they release a larger beach version down the line.

    Competitor technology?
    This technology isn’t to unlike the technology from ForwardX, and their Ovis, which focuses on a suitcase that follows you in the airport. However, while both items use similar means, and do similar things, the use for their devices couldn’t be any more niche, or unique. If you had the… well loads of money to spend on both these devices, you couldn’t use them interchangeably, because they are both perfectly designed for their purpose.

    Where can you get “your” Gita?

    The Gita is already available, and can be purchased for the huge price of $3,250.

    If that didn’t scare you off though, pick up your own at at their site!

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