We Check Out Disney On Ice – Mickey’s Search Party!

We stopped by the newest Disney on Ice show, Mickey’s Search Party as it tours Southern California! We specifically checked it out when it visited the Long Beach Arena. We even got the chance to take part in a VIP meet and greet with Mickey!

Meet and greet experiences are not only a great way to get a photo remembrance from the experience, and an amazing way to get your children ready for a night of fun!

After the experience, and before the show there are many counters set up with not only food and family-friendly drinks, but even a couple special adult drinks for the parents. For people who want more photo-ops there are purchase photo set-ups with themes like Beauty and the Beast and Little Mermaid statues.

As always at shows like this there are glowing wands, and bubble wands, which all children love, but also figures and stuffed characters from the show. Our daughter loves Moana, so we had to get her a little Moana to join her for the presentation.

The show starts off with Hook’s minions sneaking out and stealing Tinkerbell’s wand, and unfortunately trapping her in a lantern. The only way to free her is for Mickey and his friends to travel around and search for magical moments to fill the magic meter to free Tinkerbell.

Their journey takes them into the world of Beauty And The Beast. You too can be their guest! Then to the world of Toy Story where you have to help them get the toys all back in place before Andy returns to his room. Then Moana shows you that she knows the way to bring back some magic! If that’s not enough, Miguel needs your help to be a little crazy, but reminds that family is important.

After a short intermission you learn the importance of friends with Prince Ali, a.k.a. Aladdin! If the Arabian Nights gets too hot you can always take a trip under the sea with Ariel. Now that things have cooled off, beware the Frozen heart. If the cold doesn’t bother you anyway in Arendelle, then maybe you too can save Tinkerbell!

One thing that I will say about this event, is that if you want to see your child’s face lit up with wonder and excitement, then this was a fun and amazing event. Our daughter was at the edge of her seat, staring and shouting out the names of her favorite characters, and never failed to applaud at the end of every number.

If you want to give your children a similar experience, then make sure to pick up your tickets Here!

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