Conner’s Critique: The Magic Prank Show

We here at Nerd News Social are a big fan of pranks, but when you add magic to it, it can either be a bit much or just what’s needed to take it to that next level. Having enjoyed Justin Willman in his prior show on Netflix, we were willing to jump at the chance to review this series as well.

As always, our reviews were broken down into story, acting, and overall, we’ll have to make some adjustments for this one, but let’s jump on into it.

Story 7/10

The premise of the series is that Justin Willman set out asking his fans and followers if they needed help pranking people. He then took the collection of people and then chose certain people to help out and apply him and his staff’s skills to create a unique and interesting way to personally prank their intended target.

The show handles things from stuck vaces, and lost money, all the way to a crazy Uber driver killing someone. The show has a wide gamut of targets, and some of which are also not specifically negative pranks, but one specific person even gets help for a unique proposal. There are so many different ways they attack the problem, and deal well with hiccups and setbacks. It’s a rare look behind the magic, and it still leaves you wondering how they did it in most of the pranks!

Acting 7/10

There’s not a lot of acting in this show, since it’s more of a reality reaction series. However, I will say that when it comes to some of the bits, the crew running the pranks are very good at keeping themselves in the bit, so to say.

The Time Capsule, ala Idiocracy, the Proposal Gone Wrong, Then Right, and the AI Robot pranks do a great job showcasing the ability of Justin Willmen’s crew, Stuart MacLeod, Kyle Marlett, Austin Janik, and Kim Congdon, to keep their cool during the unraveling of the target’s world.

Overall 7/10

The only regret I have for this series is the fact that it means that we’re clearly not getting any more of Justin Willman’s other show, Magic For Humans. That wouldn’t be that bad of a thing if I hadn’t fallen so much in love with his little bit called Magic For Susans.

I held out hope this whole season that he might bring that bit into this show as well, but no dice. If it gets a second season. Hopefully someone at the show will see this review and realize it’s much needed.

Conner’s Final Thoughts

It was amazing to see one of the earliest pranks of Justin Willman’s Netflix career being covered, and the effects from it being reviewed and addressed. Crazy that a lot of the pranks in this season deal with revenge for pranks. Maybe next season will all be revenge pranks for Willman’s pranks from last season!

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