We Stopped By Debbie Durkin’s Pre-Oscar Ecoluxe

Wow… The Oscars… wow. We didn’t really know what to expect as we prepared Pre-Oscars. If you told us that would happen, we wouldn’t have guessed it. As things in the world return to normal though, events are recovering and one such event is the Pre-Oscar Ecoluxe from Debbie Durkin.

Wagmor Pets

Wagmor Pets returned to the experience to show off their loveable pets. You can get in a couple of snuggles and talk to the group about adopting a fur-ever friend! We’ve even covered their stand-alone events Here.

Healthy Paws Herbal Labs

If you want to keep your furballs healthy and happy after adoption, Healthy Paws Herbal Labs was on-site to showcase their herbal solution to your pet’s many needs. Achy pet belly, constipation, or other ailments? Healthy Paws has plenty of solutions for many of your pet’s conditions.

RevealU Skincare

Looking to take care of yourself instead of a pet, there are a couple of options at the event. RevealU Skincare returned yet again for Debbie Durkins Pre-Oscar Ecoluxe. Returning on their line-up is their Rejuve Spray, the mineral spray water designed specifically for helping your skin.

Hales Parker Dentistry

If you wanted to go a little deeper in self-care, Hales Parker Dentistry was on-site giving guests certificates for teeth whitening, and a select few even received free veneers. Looking to bring out your best smile when masks fully come off, then this Pre-Oscar party had just the contact for you.

“Better Than Sex” Desserts Restaurant and Raised in LA Artwork

If you love dessert then “Better Than Sex” is a restaurant dedicated to desserts. To show off their style and food, they showcased delicious desert-themed champagne tasting. They also partnered with Raised in LA Artwork to give out custom-painted bottles of champagne!

Dena Burton Collections

Dena Burton Collections was in attendance at the Pre-Oscar Ecoluxe for the purpose of showing off their amazing custom dresses and style that would be fitting for anyone walking down the red carpet. Now though they are also producing home goods and items to show off their style.

A Place In The Sun Hotel

Prince Caviar was also on-site showcasing their A Place In The Sun Hotel located in lovely Palm Springs. This amazing hotel was the site of the retreat that was made for the cast and crew of the classic film “A Place in the Sun” which starred the amazing Elizabeth Taylor. This place is is a snapshot in time, and to celebrate they were giving caviar tastings to those at the event.

We can’t wait for the next Ecoluxe event and the amazing opportunities the experience brings along with it!

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