Los Angeles Comic Con Boasts It’s Largest Convention To Date!

Los Angeles Comic Con has been housed in the L.A. Convention center since the beginning, and it’s never utilized the entire convention space because it’s never needed to. Now for their first in-person convention since COVID, they’ve expanded their event into the spaces West Hall.

With more space, comes more opportunities. Thanks to their partnership with PCB Productions, Los Angeles Comic Con is bringing a dedicated and unique eSports addition to their convention!

PCB Productions is a a cross-platform content creation company who works with interactive, VR, film, television, and emerging media. Now fans at the convention will not only enjoy its traditional events of the convention but also share their love of eSports.

The space will host the Tiltify Arena, which will be running professional and pro-am gaming matchups when not hosting anime and gaming-themed panels at the convention.

Attendees can sign up to play one of 60+ state-of-the-art computers, attend workshops with people in the professional gaming world, or check out upcoming projects in the field.

Los Angeles Comic Con will occur from December 3, 2021 through December 5, 2021. Get your tickets for the convention Here! Single-session passes are $35–$45, and multi-session passes are $90.

Hurry up and get your tickets quick though, as LACC partner Legion M is giving fast adopters a special treat. Attendees that are the first 15,000 to complete their convention registration will gain a share of Legion M stock! If you want more, you can join their recent investment round, find out more Here.

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