Check Out What You Missed At 2024’s LA Wine & Food Festival!

We stopped by Friday and Sunday at the Los Angeles Wine & Food Festival taking place at the parking lot next to the Santa Monica Pier and boy was it an awesome experience. Unlike other wine and food festivals that take place outside, the event seem to know that it was going to rain and be incredibly windy this weekend. To that end, they set up a great big tent that allowed all the people in attendance to keep dry and enjoy some delicious morsels and tasty beverages during the torrential downpour happening outside.

While a lot of chefs continue through to other days, several new chefs and restaurants presenting some new tasty treats throughout the different nights. The chefs and restaurants presenting on Friday were:

Love Hour, Evil Cooks, Auntie Beulah’s Biscuits & Chicken, Hind Bar & Rrestaurant, Irie Lounge, Isla, Bake Some Noise, Tavern On Main, Guerrilla Tacos, Pasjoli, Yi Cha/Joseon, Yaamava Casino & Resort, The Lobster, Chifa, Macheen, East Side Cheesecakes, Lavo Ristorante, Badmaash, Bridgetown Roti, Spoon & Pork, Donna’s, Superfine Playa, Belles Beach House, Élephante, The Lodge At Malibou Lake, Cordelia Catering, Be Ù, and Holy Basil.

Our favorite dish from Thursday was the Chili Crunch Beef Noodles from Stephanie Izard. It was the perfect pairing of sweet pineapple and a kick of spicy mixed with some deliciously beef short rib.

Sunday’s event was an earlier in the day and a lot more easier for people who can’t get late night sitters, of course, but with the new day there was also a new collection of chefs and restaurants producing some amazing treats for you to enjoy. Those chef were:

Auntie Beulah’s Biscuits & Chicken, Guerrilla Tacos, Ronan, The Surfing Fox, Yaamava Casino & Resort, Angelini Osteria, Jitlada, Sqirl, Carbon Beach Club, East Side Cheesecakes, Hotville Chicken, Qusqo Bistro & Gallery, Camphor, Nick + Stef’s, Piooa, Badmaash, Cuernavaca’s Grill, Levain Bakery, Black Cat BBQ, Spoon & Pork, Caribbean Soul Kitchen LA, Lady & Larder, Belles Beach House, Élephante, Uli’s Gelato, Be Ù, Pink and Boujee LA, and Pop’s Bagels.

Our favorite from Sunday was 42.5 Hour Bruylee French Toast from Sqirl. This french toast was so decadent, and the option of topping allowed you to really find the right flavor for you, be it traditional strawberry or flavorful mango.

The whole experience is broken down into multiple areas, allowing you to experience and enjoy the event as you pass through one node to another. There was even a dedicated VIP lounge so people who bought the early entry tickets can still enjoy throughout the night. It included unique cocktails and samplings of foods that the rest of the attendees could only see from afar.

The space was filled with lots of seats, couches, and tables for you to be able to stop, relax and enjoy your treats throughout the night. Those are all provided of course by Ashley Furniture, and they were even on site giving out swag like bags, sunglasses, and even Wine & Food Festival branded hats.

If you were done with all the amazing libations and savory treats at the event, you could head over to the dedicated section to sweets and treats to end your culinary adventure of the night. Or if you’re the kind that likes to start off with dessert before you eat dinner, you can always head there right at the beginning.

VIP attendees were able to enjoy an extra hour at the event before everyone else enters, and it was definitely worth it. While the event wasn’t too overcrowded, there was plenty of room for everyone, it is a lot easier to get through and get your samples before everyone else is in attendance as a VIP attendee.

Keep your eyes peeled for the for the next Los Angeles Wine & Food Festival because this is definitely a mainstay in Los Angeles and worth your time and attention!

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