Nerd News Social – Do You Fear… Fear The Walking Dead?

Hello ladies and gents! I had the pleasure of being able to be in a panel with the cast and creators/writers of Fear the Walking Dead for a second year! Last year was awesome, but this year blew me away. For all of you who have watched the show, you know that a lot has changed! And if you haven’t watched, then please stop reading and go catch up, because lots of spoilers!

As we all know, end of season 3 and all of season 4 has been super intense! We got to love a lot of characters that we had to lose in many ways. In the end, the standing characters from the beginning have been Alicia Clark and Victor Strand. These characters have been through thick and thin and have survived. Alicia has grown to be a very independent character, and Victor has stood strong since he was introduced into the series.

There were questions asked about how the crew felt of so many people leaving the show within a year. It was great to hear everyone’s answers to how they had to adapt to change. For the most part, everyone agreed that it’s always the hardest in the beginning because they had to change the way they act and react in the future of the series. With these characters gone, there was emptiness and of course new talent was brought in. The existing crew mentioned that it was hard losing their friends, but exciting to gain new friends to work with and there was a calm nature by the end of the season when everyone is together.

Speaking of new people joining the show, last year the press was trying to ask question for hints of cross overs, and of course no one could say anything at the time. Well, true fans were finally ecstatic that Morgan Jones (Lennie James), made an appearance and will seem to be in a good amount of episodes of the season. A few of the writers have also come over to help out on both The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead. Crew was asked about working on both shows, especially at the same time. There was a consensus that its different, but amazing to be able to create a whole other world that doesn’t have to go a certain way. Lennie commented that he had to think about who he was as a character in the time frame of the cross over.

While talking about the future of the show and new things, everyone was also curious about how the show was going. I had the opportunity to ask if the crew thought that the show would go in the direction it did from the beginning. It was said that coming into this new world, it was talked about how to change the show and build onto it to make it possibly different and unique. They wanted to definitely include walkers, but also give story arcs and life to the characters. What was interesting to me was that the writers would look at the first half of a season, and when trying to work on the second half, they would look at how they can take it in a different direction and make it better. They are constantly trying to make this new world a bigger and better place.

Well folks, there you have it, some of the insight of Fear the Walking Dead. I think we should all have some high hopes on what’s to come. Season 4 so far has been amazing, and it is said to only get better. The exciting season 4 continues on August 12, 2018 after almost a two-month brake from airing. Enjoy!

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