We Got A Sneak Peak at Alita: Battle Angel – Our Thougths

While at San Diego Comic-Con, we got a chance to see a lot of scenes from the new Alita: Battle Angel film that releases on December 21, 2018.

While we were informed that our post should not be a full movie review, but is just shots to show us concept of what the movie will look like, I can honestly tell you that I was incredibly impressed.

They started off with a video from the original creator of Alita, Yukito Kishiro, explaining to us that he is majorly impressed and happy with the production and what they were able to accomplish with the piece. Hearing how highly the creator of the original work is impressed by the piece showcases that the work is more then just a cheap american recreation of a Japanese work.

Robert Rodriguez then informed us of how he got the original project years ago. They mention that James Cameron made this screenplay treatment before he made Avatar. That this was a passion project, that had become a beast that could not be fed. Rodriguez mentioned that when he separated the screenplay out into it’s scenes, there was over 150 individual scenes in the movie. Additionally Cameron sent over his notes for the screenplay and it was over 400 pages of notes! Rodriguez states that it was hard for him to remove and edit the screenplay because he respected Cameron, but when all was said and done everyone including Cameron was happy with the final piece.

Then we were able to see scenes from the movie in full 3D. It was breath-taking.

All of the actors provide a full and well acted character. Nothing provided by the actors feels wooden, or campy. All of the scenes with Christoph Waltz tugs at the heart, and even with the amazing CGI work on Rosa Salazar, she is able to showcase deep emotional strength.

After we saw amazing shows of emotional range, depth of characters and amazing CGI, we were allowed to hear a little bit from the cast of the movie. Rosa Salazar was actually sitting next to me in the theater, but I couldn’t even recognize her without her character’s trademark eyes.

Both Rosa Salazar and her love interest in the film Keean Johnson told us about how amazing it was to be involved with such an impressive cast and crew.

Keean Johnson, Jon Landau, Producer, Rosa Salazar, Scott Mantz, Robert Rodriguez, Writer/Director

I will tell you that this is definitely a movie that I intend to see in theaters, and you should to!

Don’t miss out on December 21, 2018.

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