Nerd News Social – Will You Join … The Walking Dead?

With the announcement about Andrew Lincoln(Rick Grimes) leaving the Walking Dead after the new season, the press panel was expected to have a bit more serious or somber tone, but the cast and crew made it very fun that broke up the serious and somber undertone about Andrew’s departure from the show. As usual everyone was very tight lipped about anything specific that would spoil the new season, though Andrew and Norman came close a couple times.

As the rest of the cast was running late as things like that tend to happen, we were able to have some time with just Andrew Lincoln, Scott M. Gimble, and Greg Nicotero. Making light of the fact he was the only cast member there at the time Andrew jokes about how it’s a “relief” to not have Norman Reedus there. Andrew talked about how he would like to leave the show the Lennie James (Morgan) way as opposed to the other more common way characters have left, but that he can’t say which way it will happen. When asked about the Whisperers, Andrew jokes that he can tell us but that he gets a look from his directors and show runners that says no. On cue Scott Gimble chimed in saying that that are like” the lawyers at the senate conferences” and take charge to talk about how the show has been “reinvented” this season and how proud they are of the actor’s commitment.

Just before the rest of the cast joins Andrew is talking about how much respect he has for Norman Reedus (Darryl) comparing him to Paul Newman and Steve McQueen. Also how he came to America to work with actors like him. Also he got to do scenes with all his favorite people and “as a farewell it’s the greatest present” he could have gotten.

Once the rest of the cast joined the somber tone was a bit livelier as they entered on a joke and continued to make a few before settling down. The fun nature and respect of the cast really came through in that moment and when Norman and Andrew shared a chocolate lollipop.

The rest of the cast shared their excitement about the new season and how it will be different but still stay true to the tone that has already been set. Again the cast was careful not to say anything to spoil the new season but they did hint about the relationships that we have already seen and how like any family there will be fractures but there is still a love and respect among them. The new characters seen in the trailer and those not yet making an appearance will make this season different as there is a two year time jump, where they have experienced two years of peace, unlike previous seasons where they lead right into the other.

When asked about the hardest challenge the actors faced in the show, Lauren Cohen (Maggie) talked about the season 6 finale and season 7 opener when Negan kills Glen. Norman said it was episode 4 of the new season (one to look for) doing a certain scene with Andrew, but that it was also his favorite episode. Danai had trouble with the Georgia weather making her have a scene delayed three times and having to hold the emotion of that scene and the moment over the weekend and then some. Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Negan) said that it was his character’s introduction, since he had to come into this family after he just killed two of their friends.

Greg Nicotero and Scott also hinted that there was a lot of information given in the trailer, more than some may realize.

While everyone will miss Andrew Lincoln, the whole cast and crew remains dedicated to the show and making it what it set out to be. When it comes to the future of the show I think Danai Gurira (Michonne) put it best saying that the “best way to honor Rick and Andy is stay true to telling really honest story and not go to some big bold place outside of the realm of that tone that we have been trying to connect to…”

Also it has been confirmed once again that this is all not a coma dream that Rick is having and that it really is happening.

Check out the new season of the Walking Dead premiering in October.

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