Nerd News Social – It’s S’All Good Man, With Better Call Saul!

Were going to talk about Better Call Saul today! For the fans of Breaking Bad, and the current show, Better Call Saul, I got to do a press panel with the creators, writers, and talent from the show. There was a lot that the crew had to say about the current status of the show and what we can expect to see for season 4.

The biggest thing that was surrounding the conversation was about Michael McKean’s (Chuck McGill) death. This was a big impact on the show and the talent in the show. The talent agreed that dealing Chucks death both in the show and in real life was huge on them. It is amazing how they felt about a characters death and how it will effect their performance and the show. Patrick Fabian (Howard Hamlin) commented that when acting with someone that is “so much better” than “you”, it becomes easy. But now Chuck will no longer be in the room or acting with him and its different. It was great listening to how humble all the talent was to each other. Bob Odenkirk (Jimmy McGill/Saul Goodman) was also asked if he misses Bryan Cranston from Breaking Bad. He responded by saying how talented Bryan was, and how he helped him throughout the show.

There was also (obviously) talk about crossing over. There was a question asked if we will be seeing Aaron Paul (Jesse Pinkman) in Better Call Saul. Bob answered quickly with a “I do [want that]. As a fan”. Bob elaborated that Jesse knows Saul and in Breaking Bad, he tells Walter White that he needs a criminal lawyer assuming he knows Saul. Michael Mando (Nacho Varga), also mentioned that Krazy-8 knows a new drug dealer that isn’t very good at it and it is a assumption that it might be referencing Jesse Pinkman.

Another interesting question that came up was how Saul Goodman and Gus Fring (Giancarlo Esposito) act because they need to play characters that are from the past of themselves. Bob answered that Saul Goodman is just a front for Jimmy. Saul is easier to play and be can be more up front with him. Jimmy is the real character that needs to be worked on and built up. Bob had to ask the question to himself, how he would play Saul versus Jimmy. There wasn’t much more he could give us, without spoiling this upcoming season, but they promised that “cool shit” will happen!

Giancarlo had to remind himself that it is a younger version of himself. That he would act different than his Breaking Bad character. He made a good point that when he was younger, he would be more vulnerable, make more mistakes, and was trying to figure out the type of person he wanted to be. The writers decided to pitch in to the conversation last minute, and said that we get to see the wrath of Gus this coming season, and it is terrifying.

I asked if the creators and writers were thinking of creating a spin off during the filming of the original Breaking Bad, how the cast felt about returning, and how the new cast felt about having the opportunity to be on Better Call Saul. Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould joked that the crew was thinking of a spin off, but towards the end of Breaking Bad, they were getting more serious about doing a spin off. After Breaking Bad stopped production, everything calmed down. Vince and Peter had the opportunity to take walks throughout Burbank, California and during them talked about how a spin off would actually develop. Peter jokingly added during the walks, they would always end up at a bar. After some conversations, the story of who “Saul Goodman” was before Breaking Bad, was brought up. Then the character of Jimmy’s brother came to life. The story of how Jimmy’s brother effected Jimmy’s career, and who he was to Jimmy made a great story and platform for the new show. There was always a concern however, that they did not want to create a spin off that would taint the original show, Breaking Bad. I think that they have done a great job so far from not tainting Breaking Bad.

Bob commented that he did not take the opportunity seriously until season 3 of Breaking Bad, but then it took off and he was on board. Rhea Seehorn (Kim Wexier) said that she admired the show, Breaking Bad, and took advantage of the opportunity to be on the show. It was also an opportunity to create a character from scratch and mold something new.

Patrick Fabian joked that he had a guest star roll in a show that got pulled, and he started thinking he had chosen the wrong career. He was over fifty, had a wife, two kids, and a mortgage. He got a call for Better Call Saul and had never watched Breaking Bad. The casting directors were the same from The Walking Dead, and he was hoping he would at least get a part in Walking Dead, because he didn’t think he would get a part in Better Call Saul. A few weeks later, Patrick got a call to come back for the show and he ended up getting his part, it turned his life around.

Overall, the cast and crew were very grateful to have this spin off and has changed many lives. The show is growing strong, and it seems as though were going to be over our heads in season 4. It has also been mentioned that season 4 is going to be more similar to Breaking Bad and now that we have a grasp of the characters, it will take off.

Catch the season premier on August 6 at 9PM PST, only on AMC.

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