Rochelle Stops By Dreamscape In Century City

Wake up and dream!

Choose your next adventure at Dreamscape in Century City. Break the curse and find the lost pearl. Learn how to fly a dragon during a rescue mission. Save the universe from aliens. Journey back to prehistoric times. Dive deep and reunite a whale family.

Arrive 15 minutes prior to your departure so you can check-in, which allows you time to sign the waiver and choose from about 12 different avatars. A guide will greet you and walk you to your pod where you will suit up. Whichever departure you choose is sure to enthrall you. It’s VR at its finest and most immersive. I’m impressed by how much the experience has been enhanced in the last few years. You will feel the ground rumble beneath your feet, that splash of water or a dragon’s sneeze, even the wind blowing through your hair as you take to the skies! Grab objects and solve puzzles. There’s so much to explore and it’s approximately 12 minutes of pure enjoyment!

We tried out the Dreamworks Dragons Flight Academy and the Curse of the Lost Pearl. Both are very well-executed with a simple mission and storyline. I love the flying aspect of dragons and roaming through a mystery adventure while discovering the Lost Pearl. The ability to grab and hold real objects during gameplay is new and refreshing to me, reminiscent of escape room game play.

Located in the Westfield Century City mall, it could feel like a puzzle and an adventure just finding this place but head towards Eataly on the second floor and you’re nearly there! The waiting room was equally remarkable, complete with props and little callouts to the various rooms or “dreams” to explore. I honestly can’t wait to play them all and to even return and play these two again would be a new experience as I’m sure I’ll see something I missed the first time around!

Do you like VR? Then you should head Here to find out more, and get tickets!

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