Rochelle Stops By Explore Vatican Experience!

Are you thinking of taking a trip to Rome and the Vatican City? Have you always wanted to see the Vatican but don’t have the opportunity (or funds) to go anytime soon? Well, Los Angeles’ new exhibit, Explore Vatican, has you covered!

While I have traveled to the real Vatican City myself, this was a refreshing reminder of my time there (and time in my art history classes!)

This is a perfect summer school trip for elementary and high school levels, as well as colleges and those focused on art history (ahem, that’s me!) I had read and learned about the masters of the Renaissance so being in the Sistine Chapel, soaking in la Pieta, and just surrounding myself with almost fairy tale like monuments was definitely one of my most awestruck moments traveling.

So while I obviously encourage you to travel to the real place, this is a significantly cheaper option, and no one will rush you through like cattle or say no photos allowed at this one. It’s a self-guided tour and you can read the displays at your leisure, they do have a downloadable app to you can listen to on your phone for more detailed information. See the timeline of the Vatican City and how it came to be. The legendary master artists Michelangelo, Raphael, and Bernini all coming together to elevate this to the highest of patrons. Get a closeup look at many of their masterpieces. And of course see the artwork unfold in a digital reimagining in 360 degrees with a powerful soundtrack that moves you as much as the art does.

Photo ops and green screens await at the end for you so you can take a picture of you and your guests as if you were really there! Print it out as if it’s a postcard and send it to your friends and family.  Again, while this isn’t a replacement for visiting the real Vatican, think of it as an enhancement to the real experience. Have fun, explore, and be inspired by some of the most notable pieces of art on the planet!

Tickets available on Fever and can be purchased Here!

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