Venom Pinball Takes It To A New Level – SDCC 2023

Stern Pinball is a company that makes high quality cabinets and games that pair well with licenses. New to the list is Venom, a game that truly takes advantage of Stern’s Insider Connected features. On top of being able to save your progress in the cabinet, the Insider Connected keeps track of your play time for comparison with friends, and your level, which is your score translated to “experience.”

The game features so much Venom lore from the comics, so many storylines, and so many adjustments depending on which character you are going to play as! On top of the many missions, high tech features, and insane under the glass figures and features, the game fully embrases the chaos that is Venom and the world of Symbiotes.

To find out which locations near you might have Venom, or other Stern Pinball cabinets, then search your address in the Stern Army Locator Here and check locations cabinet lists.

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