Rochelle Stops By Icons Of Darkness Museum!

Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror fans, Icons of Darkness is calling to you! Perfectly and conveniently located in the spot where movies and their on-screen actors are glorified, Hollywood and Highland, fans can walk amongst the stars and then walk amongst a vast collection of costumes and props from some of their favorite movies.

On this 45-minute tour through the personal collection of Director, Actor, and Producer, Rich Correll, you will hear much of the history and fun facts about each piece. Compare bat suits from various “Batman” films, decades’ worth of “Aliens”, “Predator”, “Star Wars”, and “Terminator”. Fantasy nerds will be enchanted by the likes of “Harry Potter”, “The Lord of the Rings”, “Edward Scissorhands”. Science Fiction geeks will “beam up” when they see “Gremlins”, “Planet of the Apes”, “Men in Black”, and “Mars Attacks.” Superhero freaks will “marvel” at “Spider-Man”, “Wolverine”, and “Blade”. And “Jurassic Park” lovers will journey back through time to see some of the original screen-used T-Rex heads, Raptor Suits and Puppet Heads.

With Halloween coming up, Horror fans will delight in the Hall of Horrors collection which includes costumes and props from “The Shining”, “It”, “Friday the 13th”, “The Walking Dead”, to name a few. And in case you like haunted mazes at theme parks, there are numerous jump scares here that won’t disappoint.

It was truly impressive seeing this extensive collection of original pieces, in such amazing condition.

Spooky season is starting so I highly recommend you book tickets soon!

Tickets available Here on Fever.

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