House of Torment – Press Preview

Ghouls and unholy terrors climb and crawl through twisted darkness – and so will you, to escape any of House of Torment’s three horrifying features. This year you can choose from Rise of the Dead, Dimensions of Darkness, or Clown to scare your soul from this mortal coil, or all three if you feel particularly brave.

If you choose to face Rise of the Dead, you will enter a horde of decay as zombies lurch from every corner. You’re locked in with the contamination, and the only way out is through the grasping hands and gnawing teeth. It’s impossible to brace for the next jump scare, as the multitude of zombies following you are more than enough of a fright without worrying about what’s facing you ahead. But beware, for terrors lie behind, ahead, and above you in this disease ridden venture. Enter at your own peril.

By descending into the Dimensions of Darkness, you are entering a contorted, ghastly dream world that truly is more of a waking nightmare. Reality shifts and bends around you through the twists and turns, and ups and downs, of this maze of illusion. Rolling green fog provides the perfect hiding place for the creatures you’ve been too scared to let yourself imagine and obscures your path, making it impossible to outrun what is hiding in the dark. These creatures from another dimension cannot touch you physically, but the darkness itself can, and it will enfold you tightly in its grip as you push through it with no sight of light or an end to this madness. Lovecraftian horrors mix with corrupted Through the Looking Glass-esqe visions in the night to make it nearly impossible to escape the Dimensions of Darkness with your sanity truly left intact.

It’s time again… Clown has returned from the 13th dimension to feed on your fear. No matter where you turn, you cannot escape the haunting maniacal laughter following you through the dilapidated halls of the house Clown calls home. Every room showcases a new corruption of what used to be your child-like innocence. Lunacy replaced joy a long time ago in this house. Take a gander into the colorful void of insanity, if you dare think you can return from it.  

Michael Faust, of Face Off Season Four fame and known to some as “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Scare,” is the performance director for House of Torment. He doesn’t just work behind the scenes, he is also in costume wandering the grounds to give you the fright of your life. He revels in his fantasmically evil creation, not only directing the acting, but also providing hand crafted costumes to all of the haunters. Faust has worked with House of Torment for 13 thrilling years, climbing to the top of the ladder from his very first week as a scare actor at the grounds himself.  He tours the country, scouring haunted house shows for the next big scare, and helps out with all of the other Thirteenth Floor Entertainment Group not only for Halloween, but throughout the year.

House of Torment is one of the wretched legion of immersive events put on throughout the year by Thirteenth Floor Entertainment Group, the world’s largest Halloween-themed entertainment company. They strive and succeed in going above and beyond the horrible call of duty to bring you the best scares you will find across the country. Their Halloween events include 13th Floor Haunted House with locations in Chicago, Columbus, Denver, Jacksonville, Phoenix, Houston, and San Antonio. They also feature the Nashville Nightmare, New Orleans Nightmare, Los Angeles Haunted Hayride, the Fear Farm that has been haunting strong in Phoenix for 20 years, Terror on the Fox in Green Bay including the infamous Terror Train, and City of the Dead Haunted House Asylum known as Denver’s Best Haunted House. This only scratches the surface of their expansive repertoire, as they also host year round touring events across the country, including Krampus – A Haunted Christmas, Love Bites – Valentine’s Haunted House, Zombie Apocalypse Live, and Slasher Fest. Check out their website for more information.  

Need a break between screams? Mini Escape Rooms are a quick, but not easy reprieve from the horrors wandering the grounds. If you’ve ever struggled through a normal Escape Room, having only an hour to free yourself and your friends, get ready for the speedrun version. You only have 5 minutes to free yourself from one of three clue covered rooms. At $1.00 per minute, it’s worth the extra $5.00 ticket to test just how fast your cunning can be.

If you’re looking to let off some steam from that fight-or-flight reflex, take some time to check out Class Axe. A skilled host will walk you through how to throw an axe, and it’s so satisfying when one finally hits that bullseye. The only thing you have to brace for here is an abundance of axe related puns. You can also enjoy quality axe throwing during the rest of the year. Visit their website to book your time slot Here.  

The Tavern of Torment is another great choice for cooling off from the scares. It features spooky libations to keep you in the Halloween spirit while you collect your courage to face your next terrifying challenge. It’s also the perfect place to try Kraken Black Spiced Rum, a sponsor of the event.

Not into haunted houses but still looking to get scared? The Alamo Drafthouse of Torment may be the best choice for you, featuring outdoor screenings of some Halloween classics. Jordan Peele’s Us was the feature this past Wednesday, and upcoming films include Child’s Play on 10/16/19, Night of the Living Dead on 10/23/19, and Cabin in the Woods on Halloween itself, 10/31/19. Doors open at 6:00pm and showings start at 7:30pm. Chairs are not provided, so bring everything you need to be comfortable while getting spooked under the stars.  

House of Torment works with the Don’t Be A Monster Anti-Bullying Program to bring a Halloween themed anti-bullying campaign to various schools across the country. The program was founded by leaders in the haunt industry to bring awareness to the prevalence of bullying, and the damage it can cause. They have given 1508 presentations, and tour to 22 U.S. cities so far. Check out their website, Here, for more information, to schedule a presentation, or to make a donation.  

There are scares for everyone at House of Torment. If you’re ready to get into the Halloween spirit, visit their website to get your tickets Here!  

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