Eevee Community Days! Out With The New, In With The old!

Greetings, Trainers! How’s the season treating you so far? Enjoying the Ultra Unlock bonuses from GO Fest? I know I am.

So, August’s Community Days are a Pokemon we’ve seen before in Eevee. I know that a lot of folks get antsy when we get repeat Community Day Pokemon, but as I always say – not everyone has been playing since Day 1 and some folks are coming back after a hiatus. It only makes sense to offer these Trainers the same opportunities we’ve had. Especially with a fan favorite Pokemon like Eevee, right?

The dates are Saturday the 14th and Sunday the 15th in August. Hours are 11:00am till 5:00pm both days.

Bonuses are the same on both days:

  • 1⁄4 Egg Hatch distance; don’t forget to load up on Incubators!
  • Incense and Lure Modules activated during event times will last for 3 hours.
  • Photobombs! No exact info on the number of them is available, but my guess is 5. 5 per day? Maybe! I hope so! (I’ll finally snag that Platinum Cameraman Badge.)
  • For $1 or your local currency equivalent you’ll be able to take part in a Special Research story with Prof. Willow: What you Chose to be.
  • Adorable hordes of Eevee will run rampant across the countryside during event hours!
  • Any Eevee you catch or hatch during event hours will know Last Resort (STAB)
  • If you’re lucky, you might find a Shiny or two.
  • Extra bonuses activated from Friday the 13th (Unlucky for some, but not for us!) 10:00am till Monday, August 16th at 10:00am:

  • Community Day Box featuring Elite Charged and Fast TMs (1 of each) 50 Ultra Balls and 5 Incense (No Super Incubators??? That’s cold, Niantic.)
  • Sylveon will only require 7 hearts to obtain vs the usual 70.
  • There will be Timed Research that will award a Mossy and Glacial Lure Module.
  • Evolve your Eevee during these hours to obtain a special move for your Eeveelution: Vaporeon gets Scald (STAB), Jolteon gets Zap Cannon (STAB), Flareon gets Superpower (Fighting), Espeon gets Shadow Ball (Ghost), Umbreon gets Psychic (…Psychic.), Leafeon gets Bullet Seed (STAB), Glaceon gets Water Pulse (Water) and Sylveon gets Psyshock (Psychic)
  • So, let’s talk about the star of the show, shall we?

    Spotlight on Eevee

    You know who doesn’t get nearly as much credit as they deserve? Motofumi Fujiwara. While Ken Sugimori’s style is synonymous with Pokemon, a lot of folks don’t know that he doesn’t necessarily design every Pokemon from scratch. For the ones which he doesn’t design, he’s provided the work of other designers and he redraws them to ensure that all Pokemon art bears the same style and look. Motofumi Fujiwara designed Eevee initially alongside Jolteon and Flareon. (Vaporeon, my absolute favorite Eeveelution, was designed by Atsuko Nishida. She was also behind the design for Pikachu!) The design philosophy behind Eevee is that it’s a blank slate – It looks a little like a fox, but it also has features from rabbits, cats, small dogs and other small mammals. It doesn’t neatly fit into any one category of real-world animals. This serves two purposes in my mind; it speaks to the critter’s unstable genetics because it draws influences from so many places. It also allows us to project any number of personalities and characteristics onto it based on our own experiences with pets and wildlife. For being really simple, Eevee’s design is genius.

    While it and its evolutions have always been really popular, it’s seen a massive surge in status as of the last few years, essentially becoming a secondary mascot for the franchise alongside Pikachu. Let’s GO Eevee allowed us to have it as our Starter Pokemon, and it received a completely unique G-Max form in Pokemon Sword and Shield, alongside Pikachu. (Along with an exclusive G-Max move called G-Max Cuddle which deals damage and infatuates Pokemon of the opposite gender.)

    Also: Giant mascot Eevee Costume. Because it’s cute and if you haven’t seen it yet, you need to.

    Anyway! What does the Pokedex have to say about it?

    Well. It’s critically endangered. So. That’s depressing.

    But essentially, the same info is repeated over and over; it has massive irregularities in its genetic makeup that allow it to switch into any form that best suits its environment. (Which makes it seem like it should be LESS endangered, right? The ability to better suit its location should make this little Pokemon a master of its environment!) Apparently, if left unevolved its face even starts to resemble the face of its Trainer. (Your mileage may vary on whether you think this is a bonus or an unfortunate circumstance for your partner Pokemon.)

    Most of us snagged our first Eevee in the Kanto region’s Cerulean Condominiums, up on the top floor. It’s listed as a Generation 1 Pokemon, as are its first three evolutions… but that’s just one that you get in a Pokeball. The first place we ever find them wild is in Kalos! Was the one you got imported from across the seas? Maybe.

    At this point, there are eight known evolutions for this Pokemon.

    My absolute favorite! This Pokemon’s cells are so close to being water molecules that it can almost appear to melt away into the water it calls home. It even has gills which means it can live submerged indefinitely! It prefers to live on pretty lakeshores, and its diet is comprised mostly of fish Pokemon. If you see its fins vibrating, that means rainy weather is on the way.

    Type: Water
    Max CP: 3521
    Attack: 205
    Defense: 161
    Stamina: 277
    Fast Attacks: Water Gun
    Charged Attacks: Hydro Pump, Aqua Tail, Water Pulse, Last Resort (Legacy)
    Community Day move: Scald. STAB so no additonal Type coverage.

    This Pokemon is quick to become sad or angry. (Aw, but it’s such a cheerful color!) It can drop 10,000 volt lightning on foes. It accumulates this energy in multiple ways – its own cells produce a weak electrical charge which is amplified by both the static electricity generated by its hard, bristled fur and by collecting negative ions out of the atmosphere. Those bristling hairs are as sharp as needles as well, which allow it to do damage in close-range combat too. It’s said to constantly emit a light crackling noise.

    Type: Electric
    Max CP: 3265
    Attack: 232
    Defense: 182
    Stamina: 163
    Fast Attacks: Thundershock, Volt Switch
    Charged Attacks: Thunder, Thunderbolt, Discharge, Last Resort (Legacy)
    Community Day move: Zap Cannon. STAB so no additional Type coverage.

    This Pokemon’s big furry ruff isn’t just for show – it fluffs it in and out to dispel heat. Its body temperature can top 1700 F while resting, so, it uses that fur almost like a set of bellows to push hot air away from itself. Speaking of hot air, it will bring air into its body and store it inside its internal flame sac. This super-heats the air, allowing Flareon to exhale flame of over 3000 F! It likes its food well-done, so if it comes across an Oran Berry or a Rattata or a T-Bone Steak, it will blast these treats with superheated air until they’re crispy.

    Type: Fire
    Max CP: 3424
    Attack: 246
    Defense: 179
    Stamina: 163
    Fast Attacks: Ember, Fire Spin
    Charged Attacks: Overheat, Fire Blast, Flamethrower, Last Resort (Legacy)
    Community Day move: Superpower. Smash those Rocks!

    This Pokemon is covered in short, fine fur and is said to feel like velvet. This super-soft covering of peach-fuzz isn’t just for show, though! It’s a highly sensitive full-body coating that Espeon can use to sense subtle changes in the air movements around itself. This allows it to flawlessly predict its foes intended next move, which is lucky as it possesses no exterior defenses. It concentrates Psychic Type energy through the orb on its forehead and will attack using Psycho Power. It also gathers energy by basking in the sun and dislikes having to fight at night.

    Type: Psychic
    Max CP: 3583
    Attack: 261
    Defense: 175
    Stamina: 163
    Fast Attacks: Confusion, Zen Headbutt
    Charged Attacks: Future Sigh, Psychic, Psybeam, Last Resort (Legacy)
    Community Day move: Shadow Ball. Offers coverage against Ghosts.

    The dark and gothy Eeveelution! It evolved as a result of taking in energy from the moon. (Blutz waves? Is this the Eevee version of an Oozaru?) When it gets excited or is exposed to moonlight, this Pokemon’s rings light up with a golden energy. Usually, though, it remains pitch black; all the better to stalk prey and confuse enemies. It also secretes a poisonous sweat when agitated which it will squirt into the eyes of any enemy. (Nasty.)

    Type: Dark
    Max CP: 2416
    Attack: 126
    Defense: 240
    Stamina: 216
    Fast Attacks: Snarl, Feint Attack
    Charged Attacks: Foul Play, Dark Pulse, Last Resort (Legacy)
    Community Day move: Psychic. Offers good coverage against Fighting Types.

    We actually have a Spotlight section on this Pokemon that can be found right Here!

    Type: Grass
    Max CP: 3328
    Attack: 216
    Defense: 219
    Stamina: 163
    Fast Attacks: Quick Attack (One of the very few non-STAB entries into the Eeveelution move-pool for Pokemon GO.) Razor Leaf
    Charged Attacks: Solar Beam, Leaf Blade, Energy Ball, Last Resort (Legacy)
    Community Day move: Bullet Seed. STAB, offering no additional coverage.

    We actually have a Spotlight section on this Pokemon that can be found right Here!

    Type: Ice
    Max CP: 3535
    Attack: 238
    Defense: 205
    Stamina: 163
    Fast Attacks: Ice Shard, Frost Breath
    Charged Attacks: Avalanche, Ice Beam, Icy Wind, Last Resort (Legacy)
    Community Day move: Water Pulse. Good coverage against Fire and Rock Types.

    Sylveon is my second favorite Eeveelution because it’s literally just the cutest thing. Look at it. (Coincidentally, this one was also designed by Atsuko Nishida.) This Pokemon extends its feelers to hold its Trainer’s arm. This allows them to walk side by side and lets Sylveon understand how its Trainer is feeling. It can cause a drop in hostility in both foes and prey, calming any feelings of hostility with its soothing aura before getting stuck-in and winning the battle for itself. Sneaky! In Galar there’s a legend about a beautiful Sylveon that vanquished a deadly dragon Pokemon, and I’d believe it considering Fairy Types are immune to Dragon-Type moves!

    Type: Fairy
    Max CP: 3470
    Attack: 203
    Defense: 205
    Stamina: 216
    Fast Attacks: Quick Attack, Charm
    Charged Attacks: Moonblast, Dazzling Gleam, Draining Kiss
    Community Day move: Psyschock. Good coverage against Poison Types.

    And that’s all the info I’ve got for you, Trainers! Shiny Eevee is a muted silver color that honestly makes the Eevee look a little anemic. The evolved forms range from spectacular (Sylveon.) to barely noticeable (Flareon, Glaceon) to puke green (Jolteon, Espeon.) But when hunting Shinies, Eevee itself is easy to spot.

    As always, Trainers, I wish you the absolute best of luck. I’ll throw in a little bit of a warning as Covid 19 numbers seem to be on the rise again; don’t forget to wear a mask in public settings and try to remain socially distanced where possible. (And being as it’s summer in the northern hemisphere, staying hydrated certainly doesn’t sound like a bad plan.) In short, have fun but stay safe!

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