Pokemon GO Fest 2022

Hey, Trainers! Who’s ready for this year’s GO Fest? I sure am.

The date? June 3rd and 4th. The time? 10:00am till 6:00pm both days. The bonuses? Glad you asked!

For everyone, regardless of Ticket purchase:

  • Rotating habitats on Saturday: (City, Plains, Rainforest, Tundra) Each habitat will feature its own set of Pokemon themed around the aforementioned biomes.
  • Your contributions to the Global Challenge will be tallied towards event unlocks.
  • You can submit GO Snapshots to be featured on the Today tab.
  • A Special Research event will be held on Sunday for all Trainers.
  • New Shinies! Axew, Shroomish, Karrablast, Shelmet and Numel.
  • A new themed Pikachu will be available – this one with a little red hibiscus-looking flower stuck to its head. Hopefully we can evolve it like the flower crown variants.
  • For Ticket Holders only:

  • Global Challenges! Complete the tasks as a world-wide community and unlock bonuses.
  • Collection Challenges themed after the rotating Habitat hours – I’d snag some Incense if you don’t already have a few saved up.
  • Regional Pokemon attracted to Incense – Torkoal and Tropius! (No Kecleon or Relicanth, though!)
  • Unown will be attracted to Incense used by Ticket Holders (B, G, O and U)
  • A Ticket will be granted to you to take part in an additional special day on August 27th.
  • An additional Special Research quest-line will open up on Sunday.
  • In game medal and an exclusive Avatar Pose! No new hairstyles, though. (Probably.)
  • Increase in Shiny spawn rates during the event, Saturday only.
  • Event specific Stickers from Stops, Gifts and in the Shop.
  • Free In-Person Raid passes available by spinning Gym Discs! Up to 9.
  • A Special Research story on Saturday that will result in you getting Land Forme Shaymin! Like many recent quest-lines, there will be different branching paths to take to compliment your play style.
  • There are also in-person events in Berlin, Sapporo and Seattle! Very exciting for Trainers in and around those areas, or those who wish to travel to them!

    Tickets are $14.99 if you don’t have yours already and they’re available now! I think this year it’s definitely worth it for Shaymin alone – remember, it’s a Mythical so you won’t be able to trade one into your game and who knows how long it will be before it’s released to the general public via Raids or what have you.

    As always, Trainers, I wish you the absolute best of luck!

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