Rants And Reviews: Aqua

It’s Friday, and that means it’s time to once again talk about a weekly board game! This time we are checking out Aqua.

This is a game from The OP Games and Sidekick Games. It’s a game about biodiversity, aquatic life, and token placement and habitat building. On each turn players place and expand their coral reef by selecting from the pool of available options. In doing so they build specific blocks that grow habitats for specific color aquatic life. When players create groups of diverse aquatic life, they then bring in larger creatures to their reefs.

Upon placing 17 tiles, the game is up, and points are scored. Players get points based on the 6 rules on the table, and add up their score to see who wins.

The game is fun, family friendly, easy to understand, and amazingly beautiful thanks to the impressive art from Vincent Dutrait.

Pick up your copy of Aqua Here!

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