SDCC 2018 First Look – South Park Escape Room

The South Park Escape Room has landed in San Diego.

Located at 200 Harbor Drive, in their usual San Diego Wine & Culinary Center location. This time, Comedy Central, decided to do something very special for South Park’s 22nd season.

Cartman has taken over their activation, making what he believes is the hardest thing to escape from, and boy he isn’t kidding. We had two groups go through the room. One a more seasoned group, the other a little less skilled. Of course the well seasoned escape room artists passed, and the non-seasoned failed. However succeed or fail, the experience feels like you are living in the South Park world.

The escape room lasts ten minutes, and you will need them. I wont tell you the secrets to escaping, as that would be ruining the fun, but I will tell you that after you finish the adventure, make sure to stick around for a bit in the nest room.

They have tons of photo ops, and carnival games to either celebrate your victory, or salve your prideful wounds with easy to win games.

Check out Cartman’s Escape Room with newly extended hours:
July 19 – July 21, 9:30AM – 8PM
July 22, 9:30AM – 5PM

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