SDCC 2018 First Look – Cloak And Dagger Activation

Against the outer wall of the ‘Experience’ at San Diego Comic-Con was Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger experience.

The event is a short but awesome experience. Starting with a line through church pews fans can watch clips of the show as they wait for their turn.

The main attraction though is recreating a scene from Marvel’s Cloak And Dagger. If you haven’t seen the show, the titled two are in a church when their powers activate, repealing each and blasting them backward.

To recreate the scene attendies must place a harness on, and two by two be secured to a pulley system. The staff will then go through an instructional, telling you what to do, how to stand, and mist importantly, not to actually touch each other. Then they que you up, and let the rig do its job.

Next they take the footage and add on the video effect. After its done editing you can share through social media or email it to yourself. If you email it you’ll get the actual file.

You can visit the Marvel’s Cloak And Dagger experience at the ‘Experience’ at the Lexus Parking lot south-east of Petco Park. The events run the same time schedule of the San Diego Comic-Con.

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