SDCC 2019 – FOX Fan Fair Activation

Well guys, FOX presented itself at San Diego Comic Con in one of my favorite forms at comic-con this year: A Fan Fair. I love fairs and this was a fun one to attend. They set themselves within the park in front of the New Children’s Museum at Island and Front Street.

First off, being outside and hanging out with everyone was fun. Staff members were rocking FOX swag and were helping out as well. They handed out free water bottles, but if you got thirsty, they had people stationed at water buckets and were helping out with hydration. There was also a free ice cream truck that was serving soft serve ice cream in a varity of flavors. FOX seemed to want to keep the fans cool and happy.

The games were especially fun, which focused around promoting Animation Domination Sundays on FOX. Animation Domination consists of The Simpsons, Family Guy, Bob’s Burgers, and the new show Bless The Harts.

A few different sections helped separate the grounds of the fair. Games included Bucket Ball, which had 6 giant tin cans and the goal was to get a volleyball into one of the cans. If a fan got 3 buckets, then they won. There was also a Water Race, similar to the carnival game in which you and 10 other people line up and shoot a water gun into a hole, which causes the face in your station to race toward the top. However, my favorite of the carnival/fair games was basketball. Four people shot and whoever came up with the most points in 30 second won.

If you won any of the games, they were giving out either a lanyard or a cool bandana, both showing off the shows on FOX.

They also had some Lawn Games, included Giant Connect Fours and Giant Jengas. True to the fashion of a fair, they couldn’t get away without a Ferris wheel. If you felt like you were bored in line, you could also enjoy using one of their Snapchat filters to play with and pass the time.

Overall, the experience was very fun and I was very happy I was able to fit it in to my schedule at the con.

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