Interview With The Creators Of Arkham Asylum Files Panic In Gotham City At SDCC 2023!

We hear at Nerd News Social love Escape Room in a box experiences. They allow people to work as a team with their family and friends to solve a mystery, puzzle, or experience.

The only problem with those escape room games is that once you’ve completed them there is absolutely no replay-availability.

That’s one of the places where Arkham Asylum Files Panic In Gotham City stands out the most. During our interview with Alex Lieu and Michael Borys, they told us about how they used technology to add more features and adjustments in the game. It’s this very same technology that allows the game to actually have multiple adventures in one box.

This feature even allows them to expand the game and release expansions with future updates.

What’s still the coolest thing about this game is how the game uses AR to create unique and interactive experiences throughout the game. From displaying video news alerts about your story on a video billboard for the game, or taking standard clues and making them more engaging by extending their boundries, or allowing interactivity with a simple card.

You can pick up this game at their website Here!

Let us know what you think after the first case you solve!

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