Now you can get SPRAY from Stewart Semple

We talked before about Stewart Semple, and all he does for the art world, in fact, we’ve even talked about his SPRAY project before, (See our article Here). The SPRAY was greatly successful on Kickstarter, and now users can purchase their own on Indiegogo!

SPRAY is a bottle topper that should work on almost every bottle you have in your home. You put your paint in the bottle, you put the SPRAY unit on top, and then you pressurize the bottle with their pump or any air pump. The air pressure fills the need leftover from the lack of aerosol.

Unfortunately, the price of $114 for the SPRAY is over now that the Kickstarter is over. You can still get the device though, but for $137 now.

The $137 option includes the SPRAY’s (1) Complete Widget, (1) Schrader Tool, (1) Mini Pump, and (1) Spray Booklet. You can also get the “Mega” set of three Sprays for $344.

So if you want to get your own, then head Here!

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