Steambox: The Self–Heating Lunchbox Shown Off At CES

We’ve covered Steambox prior over the years prior to this CES. While the pandemic made the marketplace rough for a lot of companies, we are happy to say that Steambox is still kicking and about to release its products finally to its customers.

The box itself has taken a couple of turns and changes since its initial planned release, the unit is fully functional to the vision that its creators conceived. On top of that, they’ve listened to their Kickstarter backers and their suggestions.

If you have to work on the go, or you travel quite a bit throughout your day, then Steambox can allow you to not sacrifice valid food options and prevent you from having to pick up worthless calories via fast food.

The device uses steam, by suspending the food in a metal tray over a water bath. Once you are getting close to time to eat, you turn on the machine, which will heat the water, and in turn the food. Using this form of heating will allow the food to be reheated without drying out the food, and preserving the flavors.

The cook time takes 15 minutes, and the device can cook up to 3 meals on one charge.

Pre-order your own Steambox Here! If you order in the next month, you can save money by being involved in their first run release.

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