CES 2020 – Ring Brings It!

CES is here! Tech Gadgets are dropping like crazy, and now Ring is finally ready to talk about some of their awesome new items dropping this year.

First of their items is their additive Ring Smart Lighting Solar.

Much like solar pole lights that you can get much cheaper, with a specific and more tech savvy addon. With these lights you can sync them up to the app, control the times they light, the amount they light, and the motion that sets them off. Allowing you to have complete control over the estetics of your properties lighting.

Ring Smart LED Lightbulbs

Everyone and their mother has smart LED lights, but the main feature of this is for Ring users. If you already have one app, then why get multiple brands. With these lights integrated into the system, you can have motion specifically activate lights, or other notifications without the need of a seperate system.

Ring Access Controller Pro

Venturing futher into the specialty home security zone, Ring is ehancing your old school existing and new electrical gates. With the added benefit of the Ring Access Controller Pro, you can access a properties gate, to allow entry to deliveries, family, or others all remotely though the existing Ring app!

Ring X Line

Going even further into the professional field, Ring has created the X-Line of products, in bundles specifically with the higher end products for larger or more impressive products and will be bundling a Ring Protect Basic plan for life of the devices included.

So all in all, Ring is bringing more products to the game, with the hope of helping their customers put all of their needs into one convenient platform. What more can you ask for?

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