We Connected With The Crew Behind Defiant At SDCC 2023!

As a member of the Legion M groups, I can honestly say that there has been a lot of requests for Legion M to tell the story of Robert Smalls.

For those who don’t know Robert Smalls was a black slave in the South who commandeered a Confederate warship to save the lives of his family and friends, but then went on to Captain the vessel, save countless more, joined the Union Army, and served in Congress.

While there is still a plan to bring his story to the big screen, Legion M knows how Hollywood works, and wants to bring the love and attention of their users to fruition, so before a movie is made, they are turning this amazing and epic story into a graphic novel!

The novel is called Defiant and the book will chronicle the life of Robert Smalls and his epic journey, doing its best to cover the whole story, and showcase the importance of every step from slave to U.S. Representative.

While at San Diego Comic-Con we got the chance to connect with the entire team behind the project and graphic novel.
We talked to the writer, Rob Edward’s, Cover Artist, Nikolas Draper-Ivey, Artist, Ray-Anthony Height, Editor, Chris Robinson, and Producer Marvin Jones III.

The importance of this story, and the radical fact that it isn’t taught to more will hopefully be rectified by this Graphic Novel and future movie.

If you want to back it yourself you can do so Here

As of this moment the Kickstarter is fully funded and at 800% of its goal with almost half a month remaining!
We can’t wait to take a deeper look at the graphic novel once it’s completed.

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