Rochelle Stops By EcoLuxe’s Endless Summer Event!

The Primetime Emmy Awards took place last week, and while many nominees may be more familiar to the red carpet to honor their achievements, Debbie Durkin rolled out the “green carpet” at her EcoLuxe “Endless Summer” (and COVID-safe!) Luxury Experience honoring Primetime TV Award Nominees at the luxurious Beverly Hilton’s outdoor “Wilshire Garden” in Beverly Hills, CA. While I fantasized it to be a black tie affair, the attire was casual chic (with a mask), the perfect compliment to the theme of Endless Summer.

With all the COVID safety measures these days, the event felt very safe. Upon check-in they ask to verify your vaccination status, and while this was an outdoor event, everyone kept their masks on if not partaking in food or beverages. Also upon check-in, guests were introduced to hosts of elite social media status like Socal Barbie who I instantly recognized from Instagram. Not to mention several esteemed furry guests like MisTricks.

Special guests included Raven-Symoné and wife Miranda; Terrence J, GG Golnesa, and Matthew Dennis Lewis to name a few. The vibe was uplifting and chill thanks to the sounds from DJs “Jun” & “Sabrina DJ Venus” spinning. The air was warm from one of these last days of summer sun, but there were many beverages to quench our thirst. SmartWater and Honest Tea were some of the vendors that kept us cool. SmartWater featured their SmartWater+ line which is elevated with extracts like ginseng and green tea, dandelion and lemon, and ashwaganda and tangerine. Meanwhile, Honest Tea showcased their new Yerba Mate line, which includes Lemon Ginger Black Tea, Strawberry Pomegranate Matcha, and Peach Mango Green Tea. Their station also offered a photo booth with print-outs for each person to take home.

Other vendors included Cannapreneur Marilyn Jane based out of San Diego. She sponsored the cannabis corner where guests could learn a few more things about the high life. Her mission is to cultivate a supportive cannabis community and to educate folks on the healing effects of CBD. Like-minded brands included 420 Kingdom, MyHi, and Cannabis Synergy. 420 Kingdom is an emerging brand based near Bakersfield that offers flower, concentrate, pre-rolls, edibles, vapes, and tinctures. The budtenders there explained how their product is aeroponically-grown and they deliver on time. We took home some “souvenirs” to remember them by, including a pair of golden sunglasses. MyHi provides users with a rather fun way to consume THC: through the convenience of a stir-stick, water-soluble THC powder is slowly released into your beverage. Drink it at a leisurely pace and enjoy this new way to get high. Although they weren’t giving out samples, they gave out mocktails to enjoy. Cannabis Synergy is an experience in San Diego where audiences share experiences of how cannabis has impacted their lives in a positive way. It’s also a source where industry experts, advocates and influencers can discuss what’s happening in the cannabis world.

Another sponsor, Magtein, promoted their magnesium supplement which promotes healthy brain activity, namely memory, attention, and cognitive speed. Sharing a booth with them was Merci Life Co shedding light on their Bare Beauty product, a formula developed by nutritionists and scientists to improve hair and nails with their collagen boost, antioxidants, and keratin. Simply mix a single stick pack of their berry-flavored powder with water and drink daily. I personally love the taste myself and have seen some improvement in my hair already!

Sea Solution Organic Beauty enlightened us with a treasure of a beauty find: sea moss. They handed out samples that you could either digest or mix and use as part of your beauty routine. Their photo backdrop booth, spearheaded by the matriarch of the company, was snapping fun beach shots and handing out towels to those who engaged. She also hosted giveaways that included condo stays at their Sol O Cien in Rosarito.

Across from them was Jamaica’s Sunset at the Palms, handing out keychain devices with an eco-friendly reusable straw. They also gifted early birds some Blue Mountain Coffee and select VIP guests won resort stays with a Couples Retreat.

Serving up Vegan Wraps was Strictly Vegan’s Chef Leonie McDonald. They offered private Vegan Cooking Classes to select stars.

RevealU Skincare, Inc. supplied us with two of their natural gel cleansers, U Glow and Acne. 24 k gold flakes are found within these products. ACNE is aptly-named, made for acne-prone skin, and charcoal as a main ingredient. It can be used as a whole body, daily facial, or spot treatment.

This event was also inclusive of our furry pals with John Paul Pet. Specifically from the founders of Paul Mitchell, they sent us home with a bottle of their Super Bright Shampoo!

Hilton Chef Matthew provided nourishment for our bellies. Firing up the outdoor ovens for freshly-baked pizzas, and offering a buffet of his famous champagne brunch, churro dipping bar and all! Everything tasted delicious and it was refreshing to see an assortment of healthy choices too, from pastas to salads to his famous hash browns, there was something for everyone to enjoy.

The event was a hit, and even though summer has since ended, it will endlessly live on in our memories as one of the best times we’ve had all season long!

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