Check Out Hulu’s Animayhem Activation At SDCC 2023!

At San Diego Comic-Con Hulu came to play! They took over a mostly unused space in years before. This space was directly on the back side of the convention, and directly across from the Voodoo Ranger ship. In the space they built a couple amazing photo opportunities that place you in the world of Solar Opposites’ “Wall,” Photos with Roger from American Dad, the food counter from Bob’s Burger, and even from within the Planet Express.

Additionally included was a dome which projected an aurora borealis Alanis Morissette from The Great North, a 360 photo from inside the Family Guy, and a life-size set of couches from your favorite animations.

Don’t worry if you missed out on Hulu Animayhem, Futurama has already dropped its new season on the service, and you can start watching its triumphant return!

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