Early Bird Tickets And Chris DeMoulin – LACC 2024!

Los Angeles Comic Con has announces that early bird tickets are now available for the show returning for October 4-6 in 2024! To start off the sales, early bird three-day passes and VIP tickets for the event are now available and can be purchased Here until June 28, 2024.

As always these prices are limited in time, and is always the lowest available pricing for the Los Angeles Comic Con event.

Los Angeles Comic Con also announces their partnership with IGN Entertainment. IGN will help with official media to be streamed including live coverage, streaming content, exclusive interviews, and so much more!

Ahead of the tickets getting launched, we reached out to our friend Chris DeMoulin, the CEO of Comikaze Entertainment.

Eric Bryan Seuthe II: Hey Chris, been a minute, but we wanted to thank you for taking a minute with us.

    Chris DeMoulin: Always a pleasure, Eric, thank you!

Eric: With LA Comic Con 2023 already well past, and LA Comic Con 2024 on the horizon, what worked out best from the conventions point of view for last year?

    Chris: I always like to turn that around – what did the fans enjoy most? Our main stage event with the four Hobbit actors drew about 10,000 people, that was a record for one panel! In general I think LA fans were relieved the strike was over and they could come out and celebrate their favorite things. Fan feedback after the show was really positive about our content, guests, artists and exhibitors and panels. And the Gaming and Anime activations in West Hall continue to grow, so overall when the fans and exhibitors are happy and eager to come back, then we’re good.

Eric: With LA Comic Con offering so many amazing experiences to their audience, what do you think helps the convention stand out from the crowds of experiences available?

    Chris: Two things help us – as fans ourselves, we always strive to give the fans what they most want to see and do. “What do the fans want?” is our constant filter. And LA fans are particularly knowledgeable but also eclectic in their fandoms, so secondly we try to lean into being as “LA” as we can be. LA in my experience is the center of the creative universe – movies, music, TV, gaming, streaming, anime, art, sports, culture – so a Con in LA has to be big, broad, audacious and always striving to be inclusive and ever-expanding.

Eric: With the ever increasing attendees and the return to pre-Covid numbers with Conventions, do you think the Convention world has completely recovered from the effects of the pandemic?

    Chris: It’s so hard to say. Many smaller events didn’t survive Covid, and others are still working their way back to pre-Covid attendance, not to mention recovering from the financial hit of having no revenue for 2 years. We chose to greet the post-Covid sunrise by expanding – adding Gaming and Anime, taking more space, bringing in more guests and artists – really believing that as fans we all wanted and NEEDED to reestablish the community that got sidetracked. So our hope for all of us is that by embracing our community, and each other, we can create a brighter tomorrow, because together we can weather anything.

Eric: A lot of attendees and vendors are feeling the cash crunch on luxury spending at conventions. What is LA Comic Con doing to ensure the value for vendors and attendees the same?

    Chris: We have always believed that our pricing – both fan tickets and exhibitor booths – has to remain accessible. We look every year at what our peer Cons — and other smaller fan events in LA – are charging, and we work to remain below the average. In that way, our goal is to deliver exceptional experiences for everyone at a fair price, which results in terrific value. Our post-show surveys each year suggest we’re doing a pretty good job of maintaining that balance, and meeting to exceeding expectations.

Eric: With all the amazing things that LA Comic Con has brought to the convention scene in the past, what are you most excited to see return for 2024?

    Chris: Fans! Seriously, our local fan base in 2023 was somewhat hurt by the work stoppage due to the writer and actor strikes – and make no mistake, we supported the strikers 100%. But many of our fans did say it chilled their disposable income a bit. So we’re looking forward to more of everything in 2024 – celebrity guests from the fans’ “Top 5” wish lists, gaming tournaments, cool products from great artists and exhibitors, blockbuster panels, surprising and unexpected discoveries waiting around every corner. We’re excited to be back in our more traditional October time frame – but mostly we’re just looking forward to welcoming back the USA’s best fans for three days of nerding out with friends old and new, making lifetime memories.

Eric: Thanks again Chris and we can’t wait to return for 2024!

    Chris: We really appreciate you guys, Eric –you give the fans a place to be together online and get news all year long, which is just as important as what we do IRL for 3 days a year. As our dear friend Stan used to say, Excelsior! See you at the show.

Tickets for this event are live now and you can purchase your earlybird 3-day tickets and VIP tickets here Here.

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