Legion M’s Film Scout Returns To SXSW

Did you participate in the last years SXSW Film Scout program? Want to join it once more, or want to correct the mistake of just missing it? Then you’ll be happy to know that the South By Southwest (or SXSW) Film Festival is once again the target of Legion M‘s interest, and it’s looking to it’s members to help the company discover the next great blockbuster to join the companies portfolio!

SXSW is live now and will continue showing movies until March 19th, 2023. While tickets are a bit more pricy, it does offer you access to the over 100 different movies at the festival.

You can register for the Film Scout program Here, and download the app on Apple or on Android.

Rate, Review, and Evaluate any film from the festival will create a watchlist and help the company know what’s important to their fans and members.

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