We Stop By The Dr Seuss Experience

Growing up with the last name of Seuthe and an unfortunate speech impediment that prevented me from being able to pronounce TH sounds, I was mocked relentlessly with the nickname of Dr. Seuss. It caused some frustration, although I greatly loved Dr. Seuss books and his stories before the mocking started. But as an adult, I can now fully experience and appreciate the literary works of Theodor Seuss Geisel, they’re just so many amazing visual creations he has within his works illustrated by himself.

Jumping out of the books and right in front of your face. The Dr Seuss Experience at Santa Monica Place creates an interesting and unique representation of multiple stories, characters, and experiences within this one event. A multi-floor experience, the first floor is dedicated to an art exhibit of balloons floating dedicated to Oh The Places I’ll Go, a mirror walled maze dedicated to The Sneetches, a silent reading room, and a circus room dedicated to If I Ran The Circus. Before heading upstairs there was a beautiful room with trees and swings dedicated to The Lorax.

Once upstairs you see a space with talking dandelions dedicated to Horton Hears A Who. The next space is a living room full of creatures dedicated to There’s A Wocket In My Pocket. Then play some Christmas themed games and photo ops for How The Grinch Stole Christmas. Before heading into a display of art from Dr Seuss there is a whimsical room dedicated to Cat In The Hat.

There are many games and activities that can net you tokens, including an AR app game to find hidden creatures throughout the rooms. Once you’re ready to leave you can try your hand at winning a prize on their claw machine, but if you don’t win you can always purchase your souvenirs in the gift shop.

With a daughter who has special needs and is sometimes hard to direct, this experience was perfect. The fact that she could interact with several spaces, go to rooms at her own speed, and we could push on to the next area if it gets too crowded, was a major plus for us.

She had so many interesting things to hold her attention, and she loved walking into the world of some of her favorite books.

If you want to attend then make sure to pick up your tickets Here. Parking for the event is plentiful as visitors can park directly in the dedicated parking for Santa Monica Place.

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