Gudetama Cafe Comes To Orange County

A new themed cafe has opened in Buena Park, California. This one is dedicated to that amazing and incredibly popular lazy egg, Gudetama. Fans of the character can not only head to this location and try Gudetama themed dishes but also enjoy photo worthy moments at the cafe, and even purchase some Gudetama themed items in their gift shop.

While right when it opened the lines were hours long to enjoy the experience, by now the lines have died down a little bit, and the location being in Buena Park’s downtown mall allows the experience to have plenty of free parking.

The meals were amazing, and for those that are looking for something sweet, the fact that this location is also a Beard Papa establishment, means you can always get some amazing cream puffs as well, for a dessert.

If you are a fan of the character, then this is definitely worth stopping by, but if not, the food is really awesome if it’s not too much out of your way!

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