Nerd Taste Of Texas Halloween 2020

Sometimes there can be just too much fun for the Halloween spirit, so we’re here to give you a breakdown guide of all the fun activities that you can enjoy in your area this Halloween.

Here’s some of the fun events that are popping up around you!

Scream Hollow
Scream Hollow is a pretty amazing place that runs multiple events through the year, not just in October. The Halloween themed event though starts on September 16th, and continues through October 31st.

Ticket options are:

  • Admission Ticket (includes the park, no mazes). $6
  • One Maze Ticket (includes the park, and 1 maze). Starting at $32
  • General Ticket (includes the park, and the 5 mazes). Starting at $36
  • Horror Mazes:

  • Mansion of Terror Phantoms an orphanage filled with dark magic, destroyed by Baba Yaga.
  • Lost Pines Asylum filled with bodies of experiments, but not everything is dead.
  • Wicked Darkness: The Maze filled sinister and demonic energy known only as “wicked darkness”.
  • Sinister Circus The time of the clown is now, as they are getting revenge for years of torture!
  • Hell on Wheels A haunted hayride through Wendigo territory. This is the first time for this attraction at the event.
  • Additional Experiences:
    They’ve built up a little town in the center of the haunted houses. One of them is the Rabid Bat Vampire Bar, with wine, beer on tap and a coffin ride for people. Another of the locations is the Cackling Witch Café and Bakery, with food and treats including Chicken and Waffles and Bacon and Maple Pumpkin Muffin. The last of the locations is the Madame Tinker’s Magic Emporium, a themed gift shop, with a themed shopkeeper.

    Tickets for the event are available Here!

    House of Torment
    House of Torment returns! All for an affordable price, and plenty of options that allow you to skip the lines. You can get scared silly at the House of Torment but dates are not announced just yet!

    Ticket options are:

  • Pre-Sale Tickets Starting at $20
  • Horror Mazes:

  • The Boogeyman Are you afraid of what’s in the closet?
  • The Forsaken Puurgatory boils over as demons and monsters come to you from the depths of down below.
  • Operation: Laughing Place Clowns with weapons set in a 1950s city as hallucination gas takes the town.
  • Additional Experiences:
    They have a couple things available for people who attend. Options include interactive Mini Escape Games, a Torment Tavern, and ax throwing!

    Tickets for the event are available Here!

    Maze Room Austin
    This is one location, of a multiple location escape rooms company, however it’s one room that puts this place on our list, The Shed. This room is open year round, and you are able to go now, or well after Halloween.

    Ticket options are:

  • Ticket to Escape. Starting at $90
  • Horror Mazes:

  • The Shed a friends dinner party turns dark as you are trapped at a cannibals dinner party.
  • Additional Experiences:
    They have mutiple other rooms. If you like this experience, you’ll likely enjoy more of them, and can always come back to experience them later.

    Ripley’s Haunted Adventure
    Ripleys wouldn’t every really be in the list of scariest experience, but they do create a unique experience. The event is year round, and is open every day. So go at your leisure!

    Ticket options are:

  • One Attaction Ticket. $26
  • One Children Attraction Ticket. $18
  • Horror Mazes:

  • Haunted Adventure undead have taken over a mansion.
  • Additional Experiences:
    Of the other items at the site, they have the Tomb Rider 3D adventure ride, and of course Guiness World Record Arena. They even have a snack bar with full food, or something to curb the hunger till later. Never adventure through a horror maze on an empty or full stomach.

    Did we miss out on some of the fun activities near you? Let us know in the comments down below.

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