Community Day November 2021 – Shinx bounds in!

Hey, Trainers! Welcome to November’s Community Day Spotlight. Who’s ready to snag a Shinx or two?

The date is November 21, the time frame is the standard 11:00am till 5:00pm local time. And here are the bonuses you can expect:

  • 1/4 Hatch Distance when you place Eggs in Incubators during event hours.
  • 3X Transfer Candy! So, hold onto your disposable rare ‘mon till the 21st!
  • 4X Chance to obtain Candy XL from transfers as well.
  • For $1 or your local equivalent, you can take part in a Special Research Task! Flash, Spark and Gleam!
  • Lure Modules and Incense will last for 3 hours when dropped during event time.
  • A pack of 30 Ultra Balls will be available in the Shop for no cost. Get ’em while you can.
  • Speaking of the Shop, we have the Community Day Box to grab too. This time it contains 50 Ultra Balls, 4 Incense, 4 Star Pieces and an Elite Charged TM.
  • Evolve your Shinx or Luxio all the way to Luxray during event time or up to 2 hours after for it to receive the all-new (In Pokemon GO, anyway.) Charged Attack, Psychic Fangs.
  • Shinx will be roaming hither and yon in massive quantity.
  • You may find some Shiny Shinx if you’re lucky!
  • Of course, this ties in nicely with the November 19th release of Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, the long-awaited Sinnoh remakes. Shinx is a mainstay of that region’s ‘dex so it’s absolutely fitting that it’s the star of this month’s special day, even if Shiny Shinx has been around for a while.

    So, let’s look at this Lynx and see what’s what.

    Spotlight on Shinx

    You know this cobalt kitty. Easily one of the breakout stars of Generation 4, hitting that sweet spot of cool, cute and colorful, this early-game Electric Type probably made its way onto 90% of teams during Sinnoh’s initial days.

    The Pokedex is a little light on info for the first stage. All we know is that it flexes its muscles to generate electricity, which it can use to attack, flee or signal to others of its kind. If you see one trembling excitedly, it’s probably built up a serious charge so you may want to hold off on petting it for a bit!

    It evolves into awkward-teen Luxio at Level 15 and then into Luxray at Level 30.

    Luxray’s Pokedex information is also kind of sparse. What we do know is that it uses massive amounts of electricity to give itself X-Ray vision.

    I’m not sure how this works either but I’m no Physics speciologist so I’ll defer to the experts on this one. Anyway, it uses this nifty skill to hunt and find its cubs. It can see prey even through thick walls so hunting is easy for this predator. Though, the amount of energy used to perform this feat does mean Luxray has to sleep a lot, which seems fair.

    So. Can it seek and destroy in Pokemon GO?

    With a Max CP of 3265, Attack of 232, Defense of 156 and Stamina of 190, it’s not exactly a terrible option and is outperformed by few other pure Electric Types. Raikou (CP 3902, Att 241, Def 195, Stm 207) is the main one but Luxray outdoes other common Electric Types like Raichu and Ampharos. And being pure Electric goodness, it only has one weakness in Ground, while it resists Flying, Steel and Electric.

    In terms of Attacks, you’ve got Snarl, Hidden Power and Spark (STAB) for fast options. Charged Attacks are Hyperbeam, Crunch and Wild Charge (STAB) with your best set being, obviously, Spark and Wild Charge. Psychic Fangs is an interesting addition with little utility re: Type Coverage but an interesting PvP element in that it guarantees a Defense drop on your opponent, which, coupled with Luxray’s fairly good Attack isn’t a terrible thing. I’d snag it as a secondary Charged Attack if you have the Candy and Stardust to do so.

    Shiny Shinx swaps out light blue for a bright yellow so very, very easy to spot and very striking, too! It looks like the motr traditional Electric Type palette.

    And that, Trainers, is all I have for you! As always, I wish you the absolute best of luck! Stay safe, have fun and catch ’em all!

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