Los Angeles Cheap Gas On Quantum Leap Day!

If you are a fan of Quantum Leap and are looking forward to the series reboot, then you might be interested to know that they are taking over a place in Los Angeles to allow fans to leap back in time to 1985, and benefit by paying only 0.91 cents per gallon!

All of this is in celebration of Quantum Leap Day! As in the pilot episode of the new series the main character is sent back to 1985.

Fans can head to Avalon Parking Lot at 1749 N. Vine Street starting at 9:00 a.m. on September 15, 2022 and participate in a Quantum Leap Drive-Through gas station experience. There fans will be sent through the Quantum Accelerator and will hear music from the 80s, snacks and swag, and even themed break dancers!

Also, the series premiere of the new “Quantum Leap” show will air on NBC this Friday, and will be streaming the next day, Saturday, on Peacock.

For those not in Los Angeles, for a limited time fans can head to www.quantumleapday.com and get a promo code to purchase a movie ticket with Fandango at 1985 prices! That’s right only $3.55 for a movie ticket! Supplies will be limited so make sure to hurry and get your tickets!

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