Prime Video Brings Godolkin University To TwitchCon!

TwitchCon is coming to Las Vegas for 2023 and is taking place on October 20, 2023 through October 22, 2023.

That’s not all that’s coming. TwitchCon Las Vegas Convention Center unfortunately double-booked and are hosting at the exact same time their very first Super College Fair thrown by Godolkin University and Upstate University.

This experience will allow fans to walk in the world of The Boys and Invincible!

Attendees/prospective students are able to take virtual campus tours, play games, and partake in contests to win Prime Tokens for prizes.

During the Entrance Exam, players will be put in teams of two players to go against another team doing challenges like Heads Up, Survey Says, Flip Cup, and Fill in the Blank. And this is TwitchCon so Emcees for the space will include Twitch streamers like Ovilee May, AshSaidHi, DataDave, Raquel, and more.

Prime Tokens can be used to redeem exclusive items like Gen V and Invincible branded tote bags, apparel, and more!

Lastly though, participants in the booth will be able to have their photo taken for an official school ID for Godolkin University or Upstate University. Which will be printed out and attendees will get assigned their superhero name and superpower.

If you are going to TwitchCon, you have to stop by the Super College Fair!

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