Gerard Way is Coming to L.A. Comic Con!

Gerard Way, best known for being the lead singer of My Chemical Romance, has some serious nerd cred.

Some might know that he is the creator of the amazing and recently Netflix adapted “The Umbrella Academy” (which our friend Conner has written a Critique on). Some might also however find surprising that he also is a writer on the DC Universe streaming service’s “Doom Patrol”.

If any of those facts about Gerard Way interests you, then you should pick up your tickets to L.A. Comic Con so that you can see him there on the Main Stage for a panel Sunday, October 13. L.A. Comic Con is pulling out all of the fan favorites for their 9th convention.

Want your tickets? Well you can still save 20% off tickets if you act now! You can only purchase a 3 day pass, but it’s cheaper then purchasing Saturday and Sunday tickets separately. (That means Friday’s ticket is basically free!)

I recommend heading there now before the sale ends!

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