Nerd Out – February 2024

Looking for a list of fun nerdy or geeky events this month? Check out our list of favorite events for the month of February!

  • Bubble World: An Immersive Experience
  • The Haunt: Real Ghost Hunting in Chinatown
  • Astra Lumina
  • Squid Games: The Trials
  • The Dr. Seuss Experience
  • The Mean Girls Experience L.A.
  • The Tequila X in Los Angeles

  • Bubble World: An Immersive Experience Available in Montebello throughout February 11, 2024.

    The experience is a unique look at bubbles, with facts on the wall, and experience that are probably some of my favorite for a Los Angeles Pop-Up. The large ball pit, which is a room full of large balls, was my favorite experience from it, until I saw the large ball pit, an olympic pool sized pit full of balls. The experience also has an additional virtual reality experience that can be included with VIP tickets, or purchased separately at the event. It’s a relatively fun but self stationary journey.

    Tickets start at $32 for adults and $24 for children (Children 3 and under are free). Purchase your tickets Here. You can also see our review Here!

    The Haunt: Real Ghost Hunting in Chinatown Available in Chinatown throughout March 30, 2024.

    Want to get into the spirit of Halloween a bit early? Well this experience is an hour and a half and includes a guided tour with ghost hunting gear. What better of a way to get in the spirit, then by looking for spirits!

    Tickets start at $55 (Children 3 and under are free). Purchase your tickets Here.

    Astra Lumina Available in Los Angeles through February 25, 2024.

    This amazing and visual experience is returning to Los Angeles and gives people who love beautiful displays the ability to explore the South Coast Botanic Garden with a pathway of light and beauty!

    Tickets cost $35 and children tickets for $25. Pick up your tickets for the event Here.

    Squid Games: The Trials Available in Los Angeles through March 10, 2024.

    Did you watch Squid Games and think you could win? Well now is the chance for you to put your money where your mouth is! Netflix is bringing an interactive event to Los Angeles called Squid Games: The Trials.

    The event costs $39 for general access, and an additional $15 for parking. Make sure you get parking in advance, as it wont be available for purchase on site. If you want an expedited journey through the experience, you can purchase a VIP ticket for $99. The VIP ticket includes parking, a cocktail, the VIP lounge, and a VIP mask! Purchase your tickets Here!

    The Dr. Seuss Experience Available in Los Angeles Through February 18, 2024.

    Multiple rooms that take you through the many stories of Dr. Seuss’s fame. Each room can be progressed at the child and parent’s own leisure and can be taken in and experienced however you prefer. On top of interactive rooms themed toward books, their are carnival games, and experiences that can earn your child a token that they can use to try to win a prize in the final claw machine.

    Tickets for the experience costs $37 for adults and $32 for children and can be purchased Here. If you don’t win a prize you can always purchase some amazing items from the gift shop for your child to take home! Check out our video of the experience Here.

    The Mean Girls Experience L.A. In Santa Monica from February 24, 2024 through April 21, 2024.

    Roam the halls of North Shore High experience with the Cool Mom Bar, a place to add to the Burn Book, Regina’s bedroom mirror, the Winter Talent Show, Museum of Mean Girls, and an exclusive Mean Girls merchandise store.

    Tickets cost $39 a person and attendees will get an entree and side item, 90-minute at their table, a Candy Cane Gram, and photo opportunities a plenty! Get your tickets for the experience Here!

    The Tequila X in Los Angeles In Los Angeles on February 29, 2024.

    Return to Tequila X, which you can see how fun it was from our prior coverage last year. This experience will not only treat you to some amazing tequilas, but will also enlighten you to brands, styles, and so much more!

    Tickets for the event start at $35 a person and increase to $55 if you want VIP access, which gets you an extra hour of Tequila tasting! Purchase your tickets for the experience Here!

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