We Visit CoCoMelon Party Time At Santa Monica Place

Thanks to CoCoMelon Lane coming to Netflix, fans of CocoMelon all over the world are able to see great new stories from the CoCoMelon characters. For those of us who have children who love the series, this is a great blessing. For those of us looking for a fun weekend or weekday event to entertain their children, CoCoMelon Party Time is a blessing as well.

The experience starts off with a check-in and parents receiving colored wristbands (that will become important later), a gift bag of snacks for your child to enjoy while they wait for the show to start, and an entry time at the experience.

When the doors open for your time in the experience, you’ll enter into a wide hall that is filled with photo ops, toys, dance floors, activities, and arts and crafts all for your children to play with and enjoy. After 30 minutes of enjoying playtime in the space, the characters will come out for Circle Time.

When Circle Time starts, the helpers will put up cones and block off the carpet for the kids safety, the costumed characters can’t see the children well enough to prevent harm while they dance. All the children are invited to come to sit around the rug to welcome their favorite CocCoMelon character, and see them perform some of their favorite songs from the series.

The characters, Nina, Cody, Yo Yo, and JJ, perform several of their songs including and the children are encouraged to sing along and clap their hands to the beat. If your child is feeling antsy they can always go back and play with the toys, activities, or arts and crafts. Once the show is over and the CoCoMelon characters are not dancing around, children are called up by their parents wristbands for meet and greets including photo ops.

Parking for the experience is incredibly easy with the parking for Santa Monica Place being directly underneath. Just park and walk up the stairs to the ground floor and you’ll be there right outside of CoCoMelon Party Time. I would highly recommend you purchase your tickets early and before arriving at the location as the event sells out pretty regularly.

Purchase your tickets for the experience Here.

So what’s you and your child’s favorite CoCoMelon song?

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