Terrakion Approaches! A Sword of Justice is nigh!

Trainers, a new sword of Justice is inbound! November 26th 1:00pm till December 17th 1:00pm.

As we wave farewell to Cobalion, Terrakion gallops in to take its place. While it might sound like a sweet and savory sauce with which to dress various dishes, Terrakion is actually anything but! It’s a robust looking ox-esque Legendary and the second Sword of Justice to grace us in Pokemon GO. Like its friends, it represents one of the Three Musketeers; Porthos! Porthos was the largest and strongest of the Musketeers, with a huge appetite for food, wine and romance. You can see Porthos’s influence in Terrakion’s design as it is broad, bulky and tough looking.

Porthos was also the name of Captain Jonathan Archers cheese obsessed beagle from Star Trek: Enterprise.

This has no bearing on Terrakion as a Pokemon, but I did want to share a picture of a cute dog. You’re welcome.

So, let’s take a deep dive into what makes this Ox of Justice so special.

Spotlight on Terrakion

Terrakion, introduced in Generation 5, is an interesting combination of types; Rock and Fighting. The Pokedex tells us that this Pokemon is spoken of in legends. (Fitting as it’s a Legendary.) It used its prodigious strength to protect Pokemon who lost their homes to wars between humans. Big fella, big heart. Its strength is enough to see this Pokemon crash through castle walls with no trouble.

But what about crashing through obstacles in Pokemon GO?

We have a Max CP of 3698, 260 Attack, 192 Defense and 209 Stamina. So, a sort of bulky Pokemon but with great Attack! Nice Stats. For Fast Attacks we have Zen Headbutt and Smack Down (STAB). For Charged Attacks you have Earthquake, Close Combat and Rock Slide. The later two are both STAB and good choices.

Now, on to Raiding against this Pokemon.

This is where Terrakion kind of fails… It has a stunning number of weaknesses. A total of 7 of them. Grass, Ground, Fairy, Fighting, Steel, Water and Psychic. Yikes! This gives you a massive number of Pokemon to use against it when raiding. MewTwo, Machamp, Metagross, Dialga, Tangrowth, Venusaur, Vaporeon, Gardevoir, Suicune, Gyarados, Alakazam. So many possibilities. This one should be a slam dunk, Trainers.

Are you looking forward to testing your mettle against this new raid boss? And which Sword is your favorite? Feel free to let me know. I wish you the best of luck, Trainers!

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