Universal’s Studio Tour Celebrates 60 Years!

With 60 years of service, and having entertained more then 200 Million Guests, Universal Studios Hollywood is planning some fun for the iconic experience during the Spring and Summer!

The experience, originally called Glamor Trams, invited guests to see film rushes of productions happening live at Universal City starting on July 4, 1964. The experience included behind-the-scenes special effects, brief make-up demonstration, costume displays from renowned designer Edith Head, a two-man stunt performance, and a tour of outdoor film sets.

The next year the experience expanded to include a larger stunt show, animal show, and screen tests for comedy that would become the basis that would then develop into the world famous Universal Studios Hollywood theme park.

Who would have thought this little five times a day, five days a week tram would become the constantly rolling experience that now regularly entertained at Universal.

While so much has sprouted up in recent days around the infamous Studio Tour, from Simpsons themed land all the way to their Minions themed experiences, the Studio Tour still continues providing an amazing experience that would make the precursor Glamor Trams proud.

Here are some of the historic and iconic experiences that have come through the Studio Tour:

  • 1971 – Flash Flood Weather Effects
  • 1973 – Parting of the Red Sea
  • 1975 – Spinning Ice Tunnel
  • 1976 – The Debut of “Jaws Lake”
  • 1986 – “King Kong” Experience (Destroyed in 2008 by a backlot fire.)
  • 1989 – “Earthquake” Experience
  • 2005 – “War of The Worlds” Jetliner Wreckage
  • 2010 – “King King 360” a 3-D Experience
  • 2022 – “Nope” Jupiter’s Claim Set Joins the Attraction
  • Recently, see our prior article Here, the Studio Tour has and is in the process of converting its fleet trams into electric vehicles to reduce their carbon footprint and improve guest experiences.

    While we don’t know what amazing experiences they have planned for the year, we will share with you what is happening as soon as we know!

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