Spring is heating up with Fennekin! May Community Day!

Hey, Trainers! Welcome back to our Community Day coverage. This month we’re looking at the second Kalos Starter, Fennekin!

The date and time are Sunday, May 21 from 2:00pm till 5:00pm. And here are the bonuses you can expect:

  • 3X Catch Stardust!
  • 2X Candy for catching Pokemon! Including double the chance to receive Candy XL for Trainers level 31 and up!
  • Lures and Incense launched during event times will last 3 hours.
  • Photobombs!
  • Fennekin themed Stickers will be available in all the ways you regularly snag Stickers!
  • For $1.00 or your local equivalent, you can take part in a special Research storyline – Fur and Flames! You can also gift these Tickets to friends!
  • Four Star raids featuring Braixen, the evolved form of Fennekin will be available after 5:00pm for in-person raiding. (No remote passes allowed!) Defeat Braixen and Fennekin will spawn for 30 minutes in a small area around the Gym and will have the same possible Shiny encounter rate as Fennekin encountered during the 3 hour event window.
  • Fennekin will be spawning more frequently in the wild with a vastly increased Shiny encounter rate, of course!
  • Raise your Fennekin or Braixen all the way to Delphox during event hours or up to 5 hours after for it to know the standard Community Day Fire Starter move, Blast Burn!
  • What is new, though, is the addition of Mystical Fire into Delphox’s possible learned moves. The availability of this move starts with Community Day, and unlike Blast Burn, will remain available after.
  • So, with all that out of the way, let’s talk about the star of the show! Fennekin!

    Spotlight on Fennekin

    So, the Fennekin line debuted in Generation 6 and really hasn’t had much of a presence since. As such, Gen 6 is the only set of Pokedex entries we get! They basically tell us that Fennekin eats sticks and twigs for energy and uses its ears to disperse body heat of 390 degrees. Which sound impressive till you remember that Flareon’s core temp is at 1700 degrees. Which is one heck of a fever!

    Now, I’m not trying to ignite a flame war in the comments, but there’s a clearly superior fire fox here and Fennekin ain’t it, folks! In fact, in the main series games it is the base form starter with the lowest base stat total! It may sound like I’m dunking on this poor little fennec fox, but it’s actually my favorite of the Kalos trio.

    Braixen, likewise, only has a small amount of available info. It has a twig stuck in its tail and when it pulls the twig out, that sets it alight. It uses this mini-torch to communicate with its allies.

    But of course, we’re mostly here to find out about Delphox, right? The final form of Fennekin is based on a mage and uses that same lit up bit of wood like a magic wand, casting spells on its enemies! Spells for which the only antidote is a bunch of aloe! In fact, it can now send out blasts of flame that tip the termometer at 5400 degrees! A much hotter fire than poor little Fennekin can dish out. It gazes into the flame on the end of its twig as a meditative technique to focus those fiery attacks.

    But can it burn away its enemies in Pokemon GO?

    With a Max CP of 3459, Attack of 230, Defense of 189 and Stamina of 181, it can deal some pretty nice damage but is just a little on the frail side. BUT! Hey! Our little low-stat Fennekin has evolved to become the Fire Starter with the highest Max CP in Pokemon GO currently! It vastly outclasses Infernape, and has a slight edge on anything else excepting the Mega Charizards.

    The Typing is an interesting one – Fire/Psychic. This gives it a mass of resistances – Fire, Psychic, Fairy, Fighting, Ice, Steel and Grass! It does come with a fair few weaknesses too, though – Water, Rock, Ground, Dark and Ghost.

    In terms of fast Attacks you have Scratch, Zen Headbutt and Fire Spin. The latter two of these are STAB. Charged Attacks are Psychic, Fire Blast, Flamethrower and Flame Charge. All are STAB! It’s definitely worth expending some Stardust and Candy to snag Psychic as a secondary Attack, but Blast Burn is going to be your go-to Fire Type attack as is generally the case with Starters.

    Shiny Fennekin is a gentle gray color and very easy to spot!

    That’s all I got for you this time, Trainers! Have fun out there and, as always, I’m over here wishing you the absolute best of luck!

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